Advanced Database Cleaner Pro review

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Key Features
  • Clean revisions, drafts, spams etc
  • Optimize Database
  • Scheldule clean-up
  • Detect orphan tasks
  • Detect orphan tables
  • Detect orphan tables
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Advanced Database Cleaner is a tool that aids in maintaining a streamlined database by providing insights into the elements that can be safely eliminated, thereby ensuring a lean database. It further extends its utility to facilitate the removal of tables and cron jobs from your website, enhancing its performance.


A notable feature of this plugin is its ability to schedule database optimization activities, allowing for the pre-planning of various tasks to be executed at later stages. This includes functionalities such as setting up a weekly cleanup of trashed posts or orchestrating a monthly deletion of post revisions, thereby automating the maintenance process and ensuring a tidy database over time. Here are the key features of Advanced Database Cleaner:

Purge Unwanted Data: Helps in identifying and removing superfluous information from your database, promoting a cleaner and more efficient database environment.

Table and Cron Job Cleanup: Facilitates the removal of tables and cron jobs, aiding in the optimization of your website’s performance.

Recent Data Exclusion from Cleanup: Offers the option to exclude recent data from the cleanup activities, ensuring the retention of pertinent recent information.
Pre-scheduled Database Cleanups: Allows for the scheduling of multiple database cleanup operations in advance, fostering a systematic and regular maintenance routine.
Advanced Database Cleaner is a robust tool in your WordPress maintenance toolkit, helping you keep your database optimized and functioning at its best through regular and scheduled cleanups.

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