Payment Terminal review

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Key Features
  • Dual Payment Options
  • PayPal Standard Integration
  • Recurring Billing
  • Environment Switching
  • Google reCAPTCHA
  • Well documented
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Overview: Payment Terminal is a comprehensive plugin designed to seamlessly integrate the payment gateway into your WooCommerce store. With its dual payment options and added features, it ensures a smooth and secure transaction experience for both store owners and customers.

Why Choose Payment Terminal?

Dual Payment Options: Customers have the flexibility to either enter their desired payment amount and description or select from predefined payment services.
Merchant Account Requirement: To utilize this plugin, you need an active merchant account with
PCI Compliance: Ensure your transactions are secure and compliant with the necessary standards by acquiring an SSL certificate for your website.
Hosting Requirements: Ensure cURL is enabled on your hosting account for optimal functionality.
Additional Payment Option:

PayPal Standard Integration: Apart from, this plugin also equips your WooCommerce store with the PayPal Standard payment option, offering more choices to your customers.
Key Features:

On-Site Payments: Allow customers to make payments directly on your site using the payment gateway, ensuring a seamless checkout experience.
Recurring Billing: Perfect for subscription-based services, this feature supports recurring payments, ensuring consistent revenue.
Credit Card Features: Benefit from JavaScript/PHP credit card validation and a credit card type guesser, enhancing the user experience.
Payment Confirmation Emails: After a successful transaction, both the customer and store admin receive confirmation emails with detailed customer information.
Environment Switching: Easily toggle between live and test environments to ensure everything runs smoothly before going live.
Google reCAPTCHA: Enhance your site’s security with integrated Google reCAPTCHA, ensuring genuine users and preventing bots.
Conclusion: Payment Terminal for WooCommerce is an indispensable tool for e-commerce entrepreneurs aiming to offer a diversified and secure payment experience. With its range of features, from integration to added PayPal support, this plugin ensures a hassle-free transaction process for both store owners and their customers. Upgrade your WooCommerce store’s payment capabilities with the Payment Terminal plugin.

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