Auto Amazon Links – Amazon Associates Affiliate Plugin review

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Key Features
  • Automatic Link Generation
  • Flexible Insertion Methods
  • Specific Product Display
  • Customizable Buttons
  • Geo-targeting
  • Auto Link Conversion
  • Gutenberg Support
  • Widgets

Auto Amazon Links – Amazon Associates Affiliate Plugin Review


Auto Amazon Links is a dedicated WordPress plugin designed to simplify the process of integrating Amazon affiliate links into your website. It automates the task of searching for products and embedding affiliate links, ensuring that your site always displays up-to-date products from Amazon.

Key Features:

Automatic Link Generation:

Automatically displays Amazon product links based on selected categories.
Supports all Amazon locales and works even if JavaScript is disabled.
Flexible Insertion Methods:

Use widgets, shortcodes, or auto-insert to display product links wherever you want on your site.
Specific Product Display:

Embed specific products in a post by simply pasting the product URL.
Detailed Visibility Control:

Decide where product links should appear based on post ID, taxonomy, page type, and more.
Customizable Buttons:

Design custom buttons to make product links more clickable.

Automatically convert affiliate links based on the visitor’s location to maximize commissions.
Auto Link Conversion:

Convert Amazon product links in posts and comments into affiliate links.
Gutenberg Block Support:

Easily pick and insert units in posts using the Gutenberg block.

Display product links in sidebars or other widget areas.
Shortcode and PHP Function:
Embed ads in specific posts or theme templates.
Product Filtering:
Exclude or include specific products based on description, title, or ASIN.
RSS and JSON Unit Feeds:
Import product feeds from other sites or display them in apps.
Customizable Outputs:
Design the appearance of product units or create custom templates for advanced designs.
Various Unit Options:
Adjust image size, sort order, URL cloaking, and more.
Multiple Unit Types:
Choose from categories, product searches, URL lists, and various PA-API options.

Automation: Eliminate the manual process of searching for products and embedding affiliate links.
Up-to-date Products: Always display the latest products from Amazon, ensuring relevancy.
Customization: From designing buttons to creating custom templates, the plugin offers extensive customization options.
Geo-targeting: Maximize your commissions by targeting visitors based on their location.
Flexibility: Whether you want to display specific products or categories, the plugin offers multiple ways to embed links.

Auto Amazon Links is a comprehensive solution for Amazon affiliates using WordPress. It not only automates the tedious task of embedding affiliate links but also offers a range of features to optimize and customize the display of products. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced affiliate marketer, this plugin can significantly enhance your affiliate marketing efforts on WordPress.

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