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Key Features
  • Custom Workflows
  • Custom Follow-Up Emails
  • Abandoned Cart
  • SMS Notifications
  • Wishlist Marketing
  • Birthday Emails
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Unlimited Email Sending
  • Well documented
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AutomateWoo Overview

AutomateWoo is a comprehensive marketing automation tool designed specifically for WooCommerce. It equips store owners with a suite of powerful features to automate various tasks, ultimately aiming to boost sales and enhance customer engagement.

Key Features:

Workflows: Create custom workflows using combinations of Triggers, Rules, and Actions. This allows for highly tailored marketing strategies.
Follow-Up Emails: Send automated emails to customers based on specific triggers, such as purchasing a particular product.
Abandoned Cart Recovery: Send reminder emails to customers who have left items in their cart, significantly increasing the chances of completing the sale.
SMS Notifications: Notify customers or admins via SMS for various triggers.
Review Rewards: Incentivize product reviews by offering discounts.
Wishlist Marketing: Notify customers when a product on their wishlist is on sale.
Birthday Emails: Send special birthday emails and offers to customers.
Card Expiry Notifications: Alert customers before their saved card expires, especially useful for subscription-based services.
Subscriptions & Bookings Automation: Automate actions related to WooCommerce Subscriptions and Bookings.
Refer A Friend: Encourage word-of-mouth marketing with a referral system.
Automatic VIP: Reward loyal customers with VIP status based on their spending.
Detailed Reporting: Track email opens, clicks, and conversions to measure campaign success.
Session Tracking: Detect registered users and capture guest emails during checkout.
Unlimited Email Sending: No restrictions on email volume.
Developer-Friendly: Extendable with comprehensive documentation for developers.
WPML Support: Send multilingual emails with WPML plugin support.
Integrations: Seamlessly integrates with popular plugins and services like WooCommerce Subscriptions, Memberships, Bookings, Points and Rewards, Wishlists, and more.

Enhanced Customer Engagement: With personalized emails, reminders, and rewards, engage customers more effectively.
Increased Sales: Recover abandoned carts, upsell products, and incentivize purchases to boost sales.
Efficient Management: Automate various tasks, reducing manual effort and ensuring timely actions.
Data-Driven Decisions: With detailed reporting, make informed decisions to optimize marketing strategies.

AutomateWoo is a must-have tool for WooCommerce store owners looking to elevate their marketing efforts. With its wide range of features, from abandoned cart recovery to detailed reporting, it provides store owners with the tools they need to grow their business. Whether you’re looking to re-engage inactive customers, reward loyal ones, or simply automate routine tasks, AutomateWoo has got you covered. Its seamless integration with other popular plugins further enhances its utility, making it a comprehensive solution for WooCommerce marketing automation.

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