Bookings for Gravity Forms review

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Key Features
  • Event Based Bookings
  • Backend Appointments
  • Reminder Email
  • Payment Gateway
  • Multiple Form Services
  • Auto-Time Slot Generation
  • Google Calendar Sync
  • Dynamic Email Templates
  • Staff Duration & Interval
  • Calendar Customization
  • Mark Holidays & Days
  • Well documented
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Bookings for Gravity Forms: Features Overview


Bookings For Gravity Forms is a premium WordPress plugin that integrates with Gravity Forms to provide a comprehensive booking and appointment management solution. It leverages the power of Google Calendar and is designed for businesses that operate based on appointments. The plugin is mobile-friendly, allowing clients to make appointments seamlessly from any device.

Main Features:

Hide Slot Capacity: Conceal the available slot capacity from users.
Event Based Bookings: Create bookings based on special days or custom slots.
Backend Appointments: Admins can book appointments on behalf of users from the backend.
Reminder Email Templates: Send reminders to users about upcoming appointments.
Mollie Payment Gateway: Integrate with the Mollie payment gateway for diverse payment options.
Location Filter: Filter appointments based on location.
Multiple Form Services: Add various services across multiple forms.
Auto-Time Slot Generation: Automatically generate booking slots based on time ranges.
Google Calendar Sync: One-way synchronization with Google Calendar.
Display Multiple Dates: Show multiple on/off dates on the calendar.
Dynamic Email Templates: Personalize event email notifications.
Cancel Appointments: Allow users to cancel appointments via shortcodes.
Custom Labels: Customize labels for locations, services, and staff.
Staff Duration & Interval: Set unique intervals and durations for each staff member.
Multiple Bookings: Allow users to book multiple slots at once.
Calendar Customization: Personalize the calendar’s background gradient.
Full Day Appointments: Schedule appointments that last the entire day.
Easy Setup: Simple installation and configuration process.
Customizable Booking Form: Tailor the booking form to match your brand.
Data Export: Export appointment data in CSV and PDF formats.
Service Categories: Allow customers to select from different service categories.
Multiple Payment Options: Offer a variety of payment methods for convenience.
Calendar/List View: Display appointments in both calendar and list formats.
Mobile Responsiveness: Ensure a mobile-friendly experience for users.
Unlimited Booking Rules: Set unlimited rules for staff, categories, and slots.
Email Notifications: Send instant email alerts to customers.
Mark Holidays & Days-off: Indicate non-working days for customer awareness.
Multi-Step Forms: Use multi-step forms for detailed client appointments.
RTL Support: Support for Right-to-Left languages.
Pricing & Policies: Allow both admin and staff to access and modify pricing policies.
Add-to-my-Calendar: Enable users to add appointments to their Google Calendar instantly.
Break Scheduler: Schedule breaks efficiently in the calendar.
Global Services Booking: Create booking forms suitable for global services.
Time Zone Management: Manage time zones for both local and global employees.

This comprehensive list of features makes Bookings for Gravity Forms a versatile tool for businesses that rely on appointments, ensuring a streamlined and efficient booking process for both the service provider and the clients.

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