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Key Features
  • Flexible BOGO Offers
  • Automatic Gift Addition
  • Customer Choice
  • Coupon Code Integration
  • Unlimited Promotions
  • Targeted Promotions
  • Usage Limitations
  • Role-Based Promotions
  • Scheduled Promotions
  • Shortcode Integration
  • Multilingual Support
  • Well documented
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WooCommerce Buy One Get One Free Plugin: An Overview

Introduction: The “Buy One Get One Free” plugin for WooCommerce is a powerful tool designed to boost sales by offering enticing BOGO promotions. This type of promotion encourages customers to purchase more products in order to avail of the free offer, thereby increasing the store’s revenue.

Key Features:

Flexible BOGO Offers: Create various BOGO promotions such as buy two get one free (2×1), buy three get two free (3×2), and more.
Automatic Gift Addition: When customers purchase qualifying products, the free gift is automatically added to their cart.
Customer Choice: Allow customers to choose their free gift, especially useful for product variations like selecting the size of a free t-shirt.
Coupon Code Integration: Offer BOGO promotions exclusively to customers who use a specific coupon code.
Unlimited Promotions: Create as many BOGO offers as you want, catering to different products or occasions.
Promotion Prioritization: If multiple promotions are applicable, prioritize one over the others or allow them to be combined.
Targeted Promotions: Apply BOGO offers to specific products, product categories, or across the entire store.
Minimum Spend Requirement: Set a minimum purchase amount for customers to be eligible for the BOGO offer.
Usage Limitations: Restrict the number of times a particular user can avail of a promotion.
User Role-Based Promotions: Create special BOGO offers for specific user roles, such as wholesalers or premium members.
Scheduled Promotions: Set a start and end date for each BOGO promotion, perfect for seasonal sales or limited-time offers.
Shortcode Integration: Display available free gifts on any page using the provided shortcode.
Multilingual Support: The plugin is compatible with WPML and Polylang, making it suitable for multilingual stores.
Conclusion: The “Buy One Get One Free” plugin for WooCommerce is an essential tool for online retailers looking to drive sales and enhance customer loyalty. By offering attractive BOGO promotions, stores can incentivize customers to purchase more, clear out inventory, and improve overall revenue. The plugin’s wide range of features ensures that businesses can customize their promotions to best fit their target audience and sales goals.

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