Click to Chat - Whatsapp Chat Plugin review

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  • Free version available
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Key Features
  • Display Settings
  • Single Click to Chat
  • 8+ Pre-Defined Styles
  • Add Your Own Image or GIF
  • Custom Element/Design
  • Time delay PRO
  • Random Numbers PRO
  • Business hours PRO
  • Webhooks PRO
  • Position to place PRO
  • Greetings and Interaction PRO
  • Well documented
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The Click to Chat plugin by HoliThemes is an extensive solution for WordPress websites, enabling seamless integration with WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business. It simplifies the process for website visitors to initiate contact with you, offering a range of customization options and features to enhance user experience and engagement.

WhatsApp Chat Integration
Single Click to Chat: Easily add your WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business number, allowing visitors to contact you directly from your website.
Device-Specific Navigation: Redirects mobile users to the WhatsApp mobile app and desktop users to the WhatsApp desktop app or web page.
Styles and Customization
8 Pre-Defined Styles: Choose from a variety of designs, or create your own custom design.
Different Styles for Mobile and Desktop: Tailor the appearance based on the user’s device.
Add Your Own Image or GIF: Personalize the WhatsApp button/icon.
Custom Element/Design: Convert any website element into a WhatsApp chat element using a class/ID or a specific link.
Shortcodes: Easily add the WhatsApp button/icon within your content.
Greetings and Interaction
Greetings Dialog: Customize greeting messages with text, images, emojis, and rich text formatting.
Form Filling: Gather information before starting the chat, with options to receive email notifications and call webhooks with form data.
Multi-Agent Support: Add multiple WhatsApp accounts within a single greeting dialog, with customizable availability settings.
Advanced Features (Pro Version)
Greetings Actions: Trigger greetings based on clicks, viewport visibility, time, and scroll.
Notification Badge: Attract user attention with a customizable notification badge.
Position Customization: Place the WhatsApp button/icon anywhere on the screen.
Pre-filled Message: Customize the text that appears in the WhatsApp chat window.
WooCommerce Integration: Enhance WooCommerce product pages with product-specific WhatsApp features and dynamic variables.
Page-Level Settings: Overwrite global settings for specific posts or pages.
Analytics and Integration
Analytics Integration: Track user interactions with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and Google Ads.
Webhooks: Connect to other applications and automation tools.
The Click to Chat plugin by HoliThemes offers a comprehensive solution for integrating WhatsApp into your WordPress website. With its extensive range of features, customization options, and support for WooCommerce, it empowers businesses to enhance customer interaction, streamline communication, and boost engagement. The Pro version unlocks even more potential, making it a robust tool for any WordPress website looking to leverage WhatsApp for business growth and customer support.

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