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Key Features
  • Profit by Date Report
  • Costs in Product Table Display
  • Enhanced Reporting
  • Export to CSV
  • Add Costs to Products
  • Focus on Top Products
  • Detailed Reporting
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Cost of Goods for WooCommerce Overview
Cost of Goods is a WooCommerce extension designed to enhance the reporting capabilities of your online store. It allows store owners to track profit margins by including the cost of goods in their orders and reports. This extension provides a comprehensive view of not just revenue, but also costs and profit, offering a clearer picture of a store’s financial health.

Key Features
Profit by Date Report:

Monitor profit over specific date ranges.
Evaluate both revenue and costs to determine actual profit.
Costs in Product Table Display:

Easily view and compare costs alongside prices in the product manager table.
Enhanced Reporting:

Determine the most and least profitable products.
View profit and cost by date, product, or product category.
Export report data to CSV.
View total inventory valuation based on retail prices or cost of goods.
Add Costs to Products:

Assign a “Cost of Good” to each product, including product variations.
Historical accuracy maintained as total costs for each order line item are saved at checkout.
Focus on Top Products:

Identify top-selling products based on profitability, not just revenue.
Determine which products to promote or discount.
Detailed Reporting:

Access reports on profit by date, product, category, and more.
View inventory valuation and total inventory values.
Determine the most and least profitable products.
Powerful Configuration:

Apply costs to previous orders for immediate insights.
Update old orders with new cost data.

Benefits of Using Cost of Goods for WooCommerce
Informed Decision Making: With a clear view of both revenue and costs, store owners can make better decisions about pricing, promotions, and inventory management.
Enhanced Profit Tracking: Go beyond basic revenue reporting to understand the actual profitability of products and orders.
Optimized Marketing Efforts: By understanding which products are most profitable, store owners can focus their marketing and promotional efforts more effectively.
Easy Configuration: Quickly add costs to products, including variations, and even apply costs to past orders for immediate insights.
Historical Accuracy: Even if product costs change over time, the extension maintains historical accuracy by saving total costs for each order line item at checkout.
Comprehensive Reporting: Access detailed reports on profit, costs, and inventory, providing a holistic view of the store’s financial health.

The Cost of Goods extension for WooCommerce is an essential tool for online store owners who want to gain a deeper understanding of their store’s profitability. By tracking both revenue and costs, this extension provides a comprehensive view of a store’s financial performance, allowing store owners to optimize pricing, inventory, and marketing efforts. Whether you’re looking to maximize profits, reduce costs, or simply gain a clearer picture of your store’s financial health, the Cost of Goods extension offers the tools and insights you need to succeed.

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