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  • Automated Feed Generation and Updates
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  • HTTP or FTP Sync
  • Custom Filters
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CTX Feed Pro: The Ultimate WooCommerce Product Feed Manager Plugin

In the competitive e-commerce landscape, it is essential to leverage tools that can enhance your product visibility and streamline operations. The CTX Feed Pro plugin stands tall as a comprehensive solution, offering a range of features to optimize your WooCommerce product feeds for various shopping and price comparison engines. Let’s delve deeper into the features and benefits of this plugin:


Key Features

Automated Feed Generation and Updates

Scheduled Updates: Automate the process of feed generation and product data updates at regular intervals, saving time and ensuring accuracy.
HTTP or FTP Sync: Seamlessly sync your store’s products with various shopping engines, enhancing visibility and encouraging purchases.

Smart Filters

Selective Product Listing: Avoid listing non-profitable, out-of-season, or hidden products in the feed, optimizing your product portfolio on various platforms.
Custom Filters: Filter products based on attributes such as titles, user ratings, and stock availability, helping to save on advertising costs.

Dynamic Attributes and Custom Values

Customizable Attributes: Tailor dynamic attributes to suit your needs, allowing for a more detailed and accurate product representation.
Search Engine Compliance: Generate data feed files that meet specific search engine requirements without altering your store’s attributes.

Extended Functionalities

Custom Taxonomy and Category Mapping: Enjoy the flexibility of using custom taxonomy and mapping categories to facilitate organized and structured product listings.
Multilanguage Feed: Cater to a global audience with multilanguage feed support, enhancing user experience and reach.

Predefined Templates

Ready-to-Use Templates: Leverage over 20 predefined templates for platforms like Pinterest, Bing shopping, and more, for quick and hassle-free feed creation.


Quick Approval: The optimized and error-free nature of the plugin ensures faster approval of your product listings on various platforms.
Cost-Efficiency: By filtering out unoptimized products, you can save substantially on advertising costs.
Multivendor Plugin Support: The plugin supports multivendor plugins, allowing for a more diverse and comprehensive product listing.
Enhanced Product Information: Conditionally enhance product information to provide detailed and accurate data to potential buyers.

CTX Feed Pro plugin emerges as a robust tool in the arsenal of WooCommerce store owners, promising a range of features to optimize product feeds and enhance visibility across various platforms. Whether it is the smart filters that help in selective product listing or the dynamic attributes that allow for customized product representation, every feature is designed to offer a competitive edge in the market. By choosing CTX Feed Pro, you are not just opting for a plugin but a partner in your growth, promising efficiency, visibility, and profitability.

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