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Key Features
  • Related Posts Management
  • Multiple Display Options
  • Customizable Featured Image
  • Full Control Over Related Links
  • Bi-directional Linking
  • Compatibility with Classic and Gutenberg
  • XML Import
  • Post Type Specificity
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Custom Related Posts: A Comprehensive Guide to Elevating Your Content Connectivity

Overview: Custom Related Posts (CRP) is an exceptionally user-friendly WordPress plugin designed to facilitate the manual addition of related posts to your content, encompassing posts, pages, and various custom post types. With CRP, you wield full control over the related links, ensuring a bespoke and tailored approach to content connectivity on your site.

Key Features and Advantages:

1. Full Control Over Related Links:

Bi-directional Linking: Choose whether related links are reciprocal, providing flexibility in how you connect your content.
Versatile Application: Apply related posts to a wide array of content, including posts, pages, and custom post types.
2. Seamless Integration with Editors:

Compatibility with Classic and Gutenberg: Work effortlessly within your preferred editor, as CRP supports both Classic Editor and Gutenberg Block Editor.
Dedicated Gutenberg Blocks: Utilize two distinct blocks in Gutenberg—one for creating the related posts display and another for previewing it directly in the editor.
3. User-Friendly Interface and Display Options:

Intuitive Related Posts Management: Define relationships easily on the post edit page, ensuring a straightforward process.
Multiple Display Methods: Showcase related posts using a variety of methods, including shortcodes, widgets, and blocks.
Customizable Featured Image Sizing: Tailor the size of your featured images in the related posts module to suit your site’s design and aesthetic.
4. Import and Compatibility:

XML Import Functionality: Streamline the process of setting up related posts with the ability to import from XML using post IDs.
Broad Editor Compatibility: Ensure a smooth workflow regardless of whether you prefer the Classic Editor or the Gutenberg Block Editor.
5. Customization and Flexibility:

Post Type Specificity: Specify which post types the plugin should be active for, granting you granular control over its application.
Aesthetic Adjustments: Enhance the visual appeal of your related posts section with customizable image sizing.
Conclusion: Custom Related Posts stands out as a versatile and user-centric solution for adding related posts to your WordPress site. By providing full control over link directionality, seamless integration with major editors, user-friendly interface options, and extensive customization capabilities, it empowers website owners to enhance content connectivity and user engagement effortlessly.

Whether you are looking to bolster internal linking for SEO, improve user experience, or simply create a more interconnected content library, Custom Related Posts delivers a comprehensive toolkit to achieve your goals. Enjoy the convenience of manual related post addition while reaping the benefits of a well-connected and visually appealing content ecosystem.

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