Duplicate Page and Post review

  • 4.2 of 5 Rating
  • Free version available
Key Features
  • Duplicate Posts
  • Duplicate Pages
  • Custom Post Type Support
  • Add prefixes or suffixes
  • Editor Selection
  • Flexible Duplicate Post Status
  • Redirection Option

Duplicate Page and Post: A Quick Overview


The Duplicate Page and Post plugin is a straightforward and efficient tool designed to simplify the process of cloning pages, posts, and custom posts on your WordPress site. With a focus on speed and simplicity, this plugin might not boast a plethora of features like some of its competitors, but it certainly delivers on performance.

Key Features:

Simple Cloning:

With just a single click, users can create duplicates of pages, posts, or custom post types. These duplicates are automatically saved as drafts, ready for further editing or publishing.
Lightning Fast:

The plugin’s emphasis on core functionalities without unnecessary bloat ensures that it operates at lightning speed, making the duplication process swift and hassle-free.
Custom Post Type (CPT) Support:

Beyond standard pages and posts, the plugin also supports the duplication of custom post types, catering to websites with diverse content structures.
Editor Selection:

Users have the flexibility to choose their preferred editor, be it the Classic editor or the newer Gutenberg editor, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.
Post Suffix Customization:

Add a custom suffix to the titles of duplicated content, allowing for easy identification and organization.
Customizable Duplicate Link Button:

Customize the text of the duplicate link button to align with your preferences or website’s terminology.
Flexible Duplicate Post Status:

Decide the status of your duplicated content, whether you want it to be saved as a draft, published immediately, or any other available status.
Redirection Option:

Enhance user experience by choosing where users should be redirected after initiating the duplication process.


The Duplicate Page and Post plugin is a testament to the fact that sometimes, simplicity is key. By focusing on the essentials and delivering them efficiently, this plugin offers a streamlined solution for those looking to quickly and effortlessly duplicate content on their WordPress site. Whether you’re a blogger, website developer, or content manager, this plugin is sure to become an indispensable tool in your WordPress toolkit.

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