EU/UK VAT Manager for WooCommerce review

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Key Features
  • Collect VAT numbers
  • Validate VAT numbers
  • Keep VAT charges
  • Preserve VAT
  • Verify billing country
  • Using VAT numbers
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The All in One EU VAT Manager Plugin for WooCommerce

Navigating the frequently changing VAT regulations in the EU can be a daunting task for online store owners. Keeping up with these changes and ensuring compliance has traditionally been a time-consuming process.

The All in One EU VAT Manager Plugin simplifies this process immensely, allowing WooCommerce store owners to easily adhere to EU VAT regulations with just a few clicks. This tool is designed to help you configure all necessary settings to make your store fully compliant with EU and UK VAT rules swiftly and efficiently.

Here are the core functionalities and validation features of the plugin:


Core Functionalities

  • Ease of Compliance: Quickly align your WooCommerce store with EU VAT regulations with a few simple clicks.
  • EU/UK VAT Management: The plugin facilitates the collection and validation of VAT numbers, as well as the application of charges based on validation outcomes.

Validation Features


  • Unrestricted VAT Number Collection: Although not a standard feature for all stores, the plugin allows for the collection of VAT numbers without validation when necessary.
  • Real-Time VAT Number Validation: Utilizing VIES services, the plugin verifies VAT numbers against EU/UK databases during the checkout process, enabling you to apply the appropriate settings based on the validation results.
  • Domestic VAT Charges: Ensure compliance with EU VAT regulations by applying VAT charges on goods sold within your store’s base country.
  • Selective VAT Preservation: Choose specific countries, aside from your store base country, where VAT charges should be preserved, in line with regulatory requirements.
  • Billing Country Verification: Confirm that the billing country matches the country registered to the provided EU VAT number, enhancing regulatory adherence.
  • Flexible VAT Number Input: Accommodate customers who provide VAT numbers without country codes, offering a seamless shopping experience.
  • Progress Messages for Enhanced UX: Improve the user experience on your checkout page by displaying customized messages during the validation process, including notifications for valid, invalid, validating stages, and alerts for company name mismatches or discrepancies between shipping and billing countries.

By integrating the All in One EU VAT Manager Plugin, you streamline the VAT compliance process, saving time and avoiding potential regulatory pitfalls, all while enhancing the customer experience on your WooCommerce platform.

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