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Key Features
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  • Overlay Mode
  • Detailed Panel
  • Autocomplete Search
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Best Mobile-Friendly Search with Overlay Mode


Overlay Mode: Display search suggestions in an overlay mode on mobile devices, akin to the search functionalities seen on Google or Walmart’s mobile platforms.
Detailed Panel: A detailed panel that showcases extended product data when users hover over a live suggestion, providing them with more information to aid in their decision-making process.
Autocomplete Search: The search bar automatically suggests possible results as users type their queries, speeding up the search process and making it more user-friendly.
Pro Updates and Technical Support: Access to professional updates and technical support to ensure the search feature runs smoothly and remains up-to-date with the latest advancements.
Comprehensive Search: Allows users to search by various parameters including product name, description, short description, and SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), offering a detailed and comprehensive search experience.


For Mobile Users

Increased Sales: Enhancing the mobile search experience can potentially lead to more sales on mobile devices as users find what they are looking for more quickly and easily.
Lower Bounce Rate: A user-friendly search experience can reduce the bounce rate on mobile devices as users are more likely to stay and explore the site further.
Wider Reach and Accessibility: A mobile-friendly search feature ensures that a wider audience can access and navigate your site with ease, expanding your reach and making your site more accessible.

For Desktop Users

Increased “Add to Cart” Actions: The detailed panel encourages users to add products to their cart by providing them with more information at a glance, facilitating quicker buying decisions.
Faster Buying Decisions: By offering extended product data through the details panel, users can make faster buying decisions as they have all the necessary information readily available.
Faster Catalog Browsing: The detailed panel also facilitates quicker catalog browsing, allowing users to hover over products to view more details without having to click through to each product page.

Incorporating a mobile-friendly search feature with an overlay mode and a detailed panel for product suggestions can offer a streamlined and efficient search experience for users on both mobile and desktop devices. The autocomplete search functionality and the ability to search using various parameters further enhance the user experience, potentially leading to increased sales and a lower bounce rate. It seems like a well-rounded feature set that could significantly benefit an e-commerce platform by enhancing user satisfaction and facilitating quicker buying decisions.

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