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Key Features
  • Automatic Product Linking
  • Automatic Product Linking
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  • Enhanced Shopping Experience
  • Inventory Management
  • Cross-Selling
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The Force Sells plugin allows you to link multiple products together. This plugin lets you easily connect a service or required product to another product. Let’s assume you run a smartphone eCommerce store. If a person is buying a smartphone, he/she will surely need a screen protector and a phone case to protect his smartphone.

As a store owner, you can link a screen protector and a phone case with the smartphone. If the buyer adds the main product (smartphone) to the cart, the related product will also be added automatically. You also get the option to make products optional or required. In the optional feature, customers will have the choice to remove the linked products. In other options, shoppers will not have the choice to remove or change the required products.

Features Of Force Sells

You can link multiple products together to increase the revenue of your eStore. 
Shoppers will be able to change the order quantity as well as products.
You can choose whether shoppers can change the product and its order quantity. 
It lets you manage the inventory with an easy-to-use dashboard.
Force Sells also provides features to cross-sell products.

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