Google Authenticator by miniOrange review

  • Good choice
  • 4.6 of 5 Rating
  • Free version available
Key Features
  • QR Code authentication
  • Language Translation
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Passwordless login
  • Prevent account sharing
  • Multiple Login Options
  • Mobile verification
  • Well documented
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Google Authenticator – Two Factor Authentication (2FA) stands as a premier choice in the realm of WordPress two-factor authentication plugins, offering advanced security features to safeguard your website. It actively counters potential threats and ensures user accessibility even during severe attacks through its multiple backup solutions.

Administrators and users alike can leverage this plugin to activate a two-factor authentication service, personalizing their connection preferences to facilitate secure logins to the WordPress website. The login can be achieved through a combination of username, password, and two-factor authentication, or simply using the username coupled with two-factor authentication.


Here are the notable features and considerations for this plugin:

  • Versatile Two-Factor Authentication Methods: Offers a rich array of two-factor authentication avenues including SMS, OTP via email, software keys, QR codes, and push notifications, catering to diverse user preferences.
  • Customized Login Pages: Supports shortcodes for crafting customized login pages, enhancing the user experience.
  • Device Identification: Incorporates device identification to prevent repeated unauthorized login attempts, bolstering security.
  • Limited Support for Certain Features: Despite its extensive functionalities, it lacks support for WordPress multisite environments and does not facilitate authentication through phone calls and YubiKey.
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