Gravity Forms Bulk Actions review

  • Good choice
  • 4.9 of 5 Rating
  • Free version available
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Key Features
  • Gravity Forms 2.6+
  • Bulk reorder
  • Integration with Other Add-ons
  • Custom CSS
  • User-Friendly
  • Bulk edit fields PRO
  • Bulk delete PRO
  • Copy to form PRO
  • Well documented
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Gravity Forms Bulk Actions: A Comprehensive Overview


Gravity Forms Bulk Actions is a powerful add-on for Gravity Forms that simplifies the management of large forms with numerous fields. It provides users with a suite of tools to perform bulk actions like duplicating, deleting, editing, and reordering fields, all within the Gravity Forms interface.

Key Features:

Easy Bulk Field Selections:

Offers one-click options to select all fields, deselect all, or invert selections.
For more precise selections, users can use Ctrl (Cmd) + Click for individual fields or Shift + Click to select a range.
Bulk Edit Form Fields:

Multi-select fields and bulk edit their labels, descriptions, admin labels, CSS classes, visibility, and required settings.
Bulk Reorder Fields:

Quickly drag and drop individual or multiple form fields to rearrange their order.
Bulk Delete Fields:

After selecting the desired fields, users can easily delete them in one go.
Bulk Duplicate Fields:

Select any form fields and instantly duplicate them within the form.
Re-use in Other Forms:

If there are specific fields that are frequently used, they can be copied to other forms using the ‘Copy to form’ function.
Compatibility with Gravity Forms 2.6+:

The add-on is tested and compatible with the latest version of Gravity Forms.
Integration with Other Add-ons:

Works seamlessly with other Gravity Forms add-ons like Image Choices, Collapsible Sections, and Colour Picker.
Customization and Styles:

Comes with embedded styles, but also offers flexibility for users to add their own custom CSS.


Efficiency: Streamlines the process of managing large forms, reducing the time spent on repetitive tasks.
User-Friendly: Intuitive interface with one-click options makes it easy for users to perform bulk actions without any hassle.
Flexibility: Whether it’s reordering fields, duplicating them, or copying them to another form, the add-on offers a range of functionalities to cater to different needs.
Enhanced Workflow: By reducing manual tasks, users can focus on creating and optimizing their forms rather than managing them.
Compatibility: Designed to work seamlessly with the latest versions of Gravity Forms and other related add-ons.


Gravity Forms Bulk Actions is an indispensable tool for anyone using Gravity Forms on their WordPress site. It enhances the form management process by offering a range of bulk actions that can be performed with ease. Whether you’re looking to duplicate fields, reorder them, or copy them to another form, this add-on has got you covered. It’s a must-have for those looking to optimize their workflow and manage their forms more efficiently.

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