Gravity PDF review

  • Good choice
  • 4.9 of 5 Rating
  • Free version available
  • $199
Key Features
  • Highly Customisable PDFs
  • Send as Email Attachment
  • Privacy, Security, and GDPR
  • Unlimited PDF generation
  • Advanced Customizations PRO
  • On-screen Preview PRO
  • Bulk Download PRO
  • Email Customization PRO
  • Gift Card Redeem Portal PRO
  • Discount and Pricing Controls PRO
  • Well documented
  • Read more

Gravity PDF: Features Overview

Gravity PDF is a robust solution for WordPress users who want to generate dynamic PDF documents using the popular Gravity Forms plugin. It offers a seamless way to create, customize, and manage PDFs directly from your website without relying on third-party services.
Free Features:

Unlimited Use: No restrictions on the number of PDFs you can configure or generate. No watermarks on documents.
Privacy and Security: Data is never sent to third parties. PDFs are generated on your server with strong access control policies.
Multilingual Support: Supports a wide range of languages, including complex scripts.
Additional Fonts: Enhance the look of PDFs by installing your own fonts.
Columns and Layout: Supports drag and drop columns in Gravity Forms for layout customization.
Shortcode and Merge Tags: Generate links or URLs to PDFs for easy access and download.
Export Entries: Include direct links to PDFs when exporting form entries.
Integration with Other Plugins: Works seamlessly with plugins like Gravity Flow, GravityView, and Webhooks Add-on.
Background Processing: Offloads PDF generation to a background process for faster form submissions.
Custom PDF Design: Developers can create their own PDF templates using HTML, CSS, and PHP.
Documentation and Support: Extensive documentation and free general support for users.

Premium (Unlock More Functionality) Features:

Additional Designs: Access to more than 20 additional PDF designs, including certificates, invoices, and letters.
Advanced Customizations: Watermark PDFs, control displayed fields, add notes, and more.
On-screen Preview: Users can preview the PDF before form submission or payment.
Bulk Download: Download multiple PDFs in a zip file.
GFChart Integration: Create PDF reports with aggregate Gravity Forms data using GFChart.
Email Customizations: Modify email settings, resend gift card emails, and more.
Gift Card Redeem Portal: A dedicated portal for redeeming, charging, and managing gift cards.
Advanced Coupon Code Management: Import gift cards, filter gift cards, set dynamic coupon lengths, and more.
Enhanced Usability: Limit gift card usage, allow multiple transactions, and more.
Security Enhancements: QR Code and Barcode options for added security.
Discount and Pricing Controls: Set minimum and maximum amounts, disable discounts on sales items, and more.
Order Management: Control when gift card emails are sent based on order status.
Offline Gift Card Management: Create, redeem, and manage offline gift cards.
Delivery and Shipping Options: Choose how gift certificates are delivered to recipients.
Compatibility: Works with WooCommerce High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS) for efficient order management during high sales periods.

By separating the features into free and premium categories, users can easily determine which functionalities are available in the basic version of Gravity PDF and which ones require an upgrade or additional purchase.


Gravity PDF is a must-have plugin for WordPress users who frequently deal with PDF generation and management. Whether you’re looking to create invoices, reports, certificates, or any other type of PDF document, Gravity PDF offers a comprehensive solution that integrates seamlessly with Gravity Forms. With its extensive customization options, security features, and integration capabilities, it’s a valuable addition to any WordPress website.

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