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Key Features
  • 47+ Add-ons
  • GP Nested Forms
  • GP Populate Anything
  • GP Conditional Pricing
  • GP Preview Submission
  • GP eCommerce Fields
  • GP Google Sheets
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Gravity Perks: Supercharge Your Gravity Forms


Gravity Perks is a comprehensive suite of over 47 indispensable add-ons for Gravity Forms. Designed to enhance the functionality of your forms, each perk, or plugin, adds a unique feature, ensuring that Gravity Forms is more versatile than ever before.

Key Features for SEO and Enhanced User Experience:

GP Nested Forms: Simplify complex forms by nesting forms within forms.
GP Populate Anything: Auto-populate fields dynamically with data from various sources, enhancing user experience.
GP Unique ID: Generate unique reference numbers or codes for each form submission, aiding in data organization.
GP Conditional Pricing: Offer dynamic pricing based on specific conditions, optimizing conversions.
GP Limit Choices: Improve form accuracy by limiting choice selections for fields.
GP Preview Submission: Enhance user trust by allowing a submission preview before finalizing.
GP eCommerce Fields: Boost your online store with tax, discounts, and subtotal fields.
GP Advanced Select: Enhance dropdowns with search functionality and integrations.
GP Google Sheets: Sync form data with Google Sheets, streamlining data management.
GP Advanced Phone Field: Enhance phone fields with auto country code and real-time validation.
GP QR Code: Generate and scan QR codes directly from forms, enhancing data capture.
GP Notification Scheduler: Optimize user engagement with scheduled notifications.
GP Address Autocomplete: Speed up form completion with Google Places Autocomplete for address fields.
GP File Upload Pro: Offer a seamless file upload experience.
GP Live Preview: Allow users to preview forms on the frontend, enhancing form accuracy.
GP Multi-page Navigation: Improve user navigation on multi-page forms.
GP Terms Of Service: Add a dedicated “Terms of Service” field for better compliance.
GP Word Count: Ensure content quality by limiting word counts in text fields.
GP Placeholder: Enhance form aesthetics with HTML5 placeholders.
GP Read Only: Display data without allowing modifications, ensuring data integrity.


Gravity Perks is not just a set of plugins; it’s a game-changer for anyone using Gravity Forms. By enhancing form functionality, improving user experience, and offering a plethora of features, it ensures your forms are not only functional but also SEO-optimized. Whether you’re looking to create simple contact forms or complex multi-page applications, Gravity Perks has got you covered.

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