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Key Features
  • Quality Control
  • Auto-Conversion on Upload
  • Smart File Size Management
  • Transparent URL Handling
  • Cache-Friendly
  • Preservation of Originals

Transform Your Website with Images to WebP
Images to WebP is a revolutionary plugin designed to enhance your website’s performance and Google ranking by converting PNG, JPG, and GIF images to the highly efficient WebP format. This innovative solution guarantees significant savings in page weight, ensuring a faster, more responsive user experience without compromising on image quality.

Key Features
Seamless Integration
Universal Compatibility: Functions flawlessly across all types of WordPress installations, including domain, subdomain, subdirectory, and multisite/network configurations.
Apache and NGiNX Support: Ensures smooth operation regardless of your server environment.
Intelligent Image Conversion
Auto-Conversion on Upload: Automatically converts images to WebP format as soon as they are uploaded.
Quality Control: Provides the ability to set and adjust the quality of converted images.
Smart File Size Management: Ensures conversion only occurs if the resulting WebP file is smaller than the original, preserving bandwidth and storage.
Bulk Conversion Tools: Facilitates the conversion of existing images in bulk, with options to select specific folders and focus on missing images.
User and Developer Friendly
Transparent URL Handling: Maintains original image URLs, ensuring flawless operation in all contexts, including <img> src, srcset, <picture>, CSS backgrounds, and more.
Cache-Friendly: Eliminates potential issues with cache, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.
Preservation of Originals: Ensures that original files remain untouched and intact.
Additional Benefits
Save Visitor’s Download Data: Drastically reduces the amount of data visitors need to download, resulting in faster page loads and a better overall user experience.
Boost Google Ranking: By speeding up your site and enhancing performance, you’re set to see improvements in your Google search rankings.
Compatibility with Fly Dynamic Image Resizer: Ensures seamless operation alongside other popular image optimization solutions.
Why Images to WebP?
The adoption of the WebP format represents a significant step forward in web performance optimization. With Images to WebP, you’re not just speeding up your site; you’re future-proofing it, ensuring that visitors have the fastest, most responsive experience possible, regardless of their device or connection.

Get ahead of the curve, enhance your user experience, and climb the Google rankings with Images to WebP. Your website, your visitors, and your search rankings will thank you.

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