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  • Good choice
  • 4.8 of 5 Rating
  • Free version available
  • $77
Key Features
  • Contextual Suggestions
  • AI-Powered
  • Quick Application
  • Identify Orphan Content
  • In-Depth Analytics
  • Tailored Suggestions
  • User Experience Options
  • Multiple Link Addition PRO
  • Strengthen Old Pages PRO
  • Quick Edits and Deletions PRO
  • In-Editor Sentence Editing PRO
  • Auto-Linking PRO
  • Bulk Link Changer PRO
  • Broken Link Checker PRO
  • Well documented
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Link Whisper: Revolutionize Your Internal Linking Strategy
Link Whisper emerges as a pivotal tool for website owners and content creators aiming to enhance their internal linking structure effortlessly. It capitalizes on powerful artificial intelligence to provide contextual internal link suggestions, aiding in content discoverability and SEO optimization.

Effortless Link Building for SEO and User Navigation
Small Suggestions, Big Results
Contextual Suggestions: As you write content, Link Whisper offers relevant internal link suggestions within the WordPress editor, streamlining the link-building process.
SEO Enhancement: Recognized by giants like Google and Bing, the importance of internal links is undeniable. Link Whisper turns a laborious task into a simple and effective process, helping your site to rank better and outperform competitors.
Automatic Link Suggestions as You Write
AI-Powered: The tool starts suggesting internal links the moment you begin writing, tailoring suggestions to the content on your site.
Quick Application: Easily copy and paste suggested links without hassle. For an even more streamlined experience, the Premium version offers additional functionalities.
Internal Links Reporting
Identify Orphan Content: Quickly spot content that lacks internal links, ensuring no page is left isolated.
In-Depth Analytics: View reports on internal and external links for each article. The Premium version provides extensive error reporting and broken link resolution capabilities.
Customize Internal Links Suggestions and Settings
Tailored Suggestions: Adjust settings to optimize link suggestions for your site, including word or phrase exclusions.
User Experience Options: Choose to open internal links in a new tab if desired.
Premium Features for an Enhanced Experience
Multiple Link Addition: Add numerous links at once with pre-selected anchor text.
Strengthen Old Pages: Inject internal links into older content, potentially boosting its SEO value.
Quick Edits and Deletions: Manage links directly from the reports page for efficient modifications.
In-Editor Sentence Editing: Save time by making edits directly within Link Whisper.
URL and Category Exclusions: Exercise greater control over your site’s link structure.
Target SEO Keywords: Direct Link Whisper to suggest links based on your SEO goals, with compatibility for importing keywords from popular SEO plugins.
Auto-Linking: Automate the linking process for specified keywords and URLs.
Bulk Link Changer: Easily update URL structures site-wide.
Broken Link Checker: Maintain link integrity with regular checks and the ability to edit or remove broken links.
Cross-Site Linking Suggestions: Link Whisper Premium supports interconnected suggestions across multiple sites.
Link Whisper stands out as an invaluable tool for WordPress users, transforming the intricate task of internal linking into a straightforward and impactful process. Whether you’re looking to bolster your SEO, enhance user navigation, or both, Link Whisper provides the tools necessary to achieve your goals with efficiency and precision. Opt for the Premium version, and unlock even more capabilities to take your site’s performance to the next level.

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