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Key Features
  • User-Focused Redirection
  • Role-Based Redirection
  • Post-Registration Redirects
  • WordPress Dashboard Redirection
  • Login and Logout Redirects
  • User and Role-Specific Rules
  • Customized Redirects
  • Well documented
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LoginWP: Redirect Plugin for WordPress


LoginWP is a unique redirect plugin tailored for WordPress websites, especially those operating on a membership basis or requiring user authentication. Unlike other redirect plugins, LoginWP focuses on automating redirects triggered by user login or logout events.

Functionality and Use Cases

User-Focused Redirection: Redirect users upon logging in or out, enhancing user experience and streamlining navigation.
Role-Based Redirection: Establish redirect rules based on user roles, allowing for a customized experience for different types of users.
Post-Registration Redirects: Guide new users to a ‘thank you’ page or other relevant content immediately after registration.
WordPress Dashboard Redirection: Prevent users from accessing the WordPress dashboard upon login, directing them instead to more user-friendly or relevant areas of your site.
Key Features

Login and Logout Redirects: Set up numerous redirection rules that trigger when users log in or out of your website.
User and Role-Specific Rules: Customize redirect paths for specific users or roles, ensuring a tailored experience.
Post-Registration Redirection: Implement automatic redirection to a specified page after a user registers.
User Experience and Applicability

With its ability to set up role-specific and user-specific redirect rules, LoginWP shines in environments where user role management is crucial. Membership sites, online communities, e-learning platforms, and other user-centric websites can benefit significantly from the functionality offered by LoginWP.

Why LoginWP?

Enhanced User Experience: Direct users to the most relevant areas of your site immediately after login or registration, bypassing the WordPress dashboard.
Streamlined Navigation for Memberships: For membership sites, ease of navigation and a personalized experience are paramount. LoginWP delivers on both fronts.
Customized Redirects: Tailor user journeys based on roles or individual user settings, ensuring that each user interacts with the content most relevant to them.
Ease of Use: Setting up and configuring LoginWP is straightforward, making it accessible even to those with limited technical expertise.

LoginWP stands out in the realm of redirect plugins for its user-centric approach, focusing on login and logout events. Membership sites and other user-dependent platforms will find its features particularly beneficial, as it provides a seamless and personalized user experience, directing members and users to the appropriate content right when they need it. If your WordPress site relies heavily on user interaction and personalized content delivery, LoginWP is a valuable tool to have in your arsenal.

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