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Key Features
  • Dynamic Pricing Based on Measurements
  • User-Defined Inputs
  • Pricing Display Flexibility
  • Inventory and Shipping Management
  • Pricing Table
  • Versatile Calculators
  • Good Customization
  • Variable Product Support
  • Dynamic Weight Configuration
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WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator: A Comprehensive Overview

Introduction: The WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator is a versatile tool tailored for businesses that sell products based on their dimensions, volume, area, or weight. Whether you’re selling flooring by square footage or mulch by cubic yardage, this extension simplifies the pricing process and enhances the customer’s shopping experience.

Key Features:

Dynamic Pricing Based on Measurements: Allows businesses to set prices based on product measurements, ensuring accurate pricing for items sold by dimensions, volume, area, or weight.
User-Defined Inputs: Customers can input their desired measurements, and the calculator will determine the required quantity or overall price.
Pricing Display Flexibility: Display product prices per unit (e.g., “$1.50 per sq ft”) on both the shop and individual product pages.
Inventory and Shipping Management: The extension supports inventory management “per unit” and allows dynamic weight configuration for accurate shipping costs.
Pricing Table: Introduce price breaks or discounts based on product measurement ranges, offering customers better deals for larger quantities.
Versatile Calculators: Whether it’s area, volume, perimeter, or surface area, the extension provides calculators for all physical attributes. It even includes a special “Room Walls” calculator tailored for wallpaper sellers.
Customization: Customize measurement and pricing labels, set minimum and maximum values for customer inputs, and even include an automatic overage estimate.
Variable Product Support: The extension supports variable products for per-unit pricing, shipping weight, and inventory management.
Dynamic Weight Configuration: Set a weight per unit (e.g., per square foot) to ensure accurate shipping costs based on the customer’s desired measurements.
Applications: The Measurement Price Calculator is perfect for a wide range of businesses:

Flooring: Sell tiles or wooden planks by square footage.
Wallpapers: Use the special “Room Walls” calculator to sell wallpaper by area.
Gardening: Offer mulch, soil, or gravel by volume (e.g., cubic yards).
Fabrics: Sell fabrics by length or area.
Liquids: Price liquids like paint or oil by volume.
Conclusion: The WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator is an invaluable tool for businesses that sell products based on measurements. It not only streamlines the pricing process but also offers a user-friendly interface for customers, allowing them to get real-time price estimates based on their specific needs. If you’re in the business of selling measurement-based products, this extension is a game-changer.

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