Meta Box – WordPress Custom Fields Framework review

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  • Free version available
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Key Features
  • Add custom fields
  • User-Friendly Online Generator
  • Extensions
  • Customize Various Data Types
  • 40+ built-in Field types
  • Create custom Field types
  • Flexibility
  • Well documented
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Meta Box – WordPress Custom Fields Framework: A Comprehensive Overview

Introduction: Meta Box is a robust toolkit designed for developers to effortlessly create custom meta boxes and fields in WordPress. It offers a vast array of field types, ensuring developers have the flexibility to customize content as per their requirements.

Key Features:

Versatility in Custom Fields:

Add custom fields to pages, posts, custom post types, forms, and more.
Over 40 different field types including text, images, checkboxes, file uploads, etc.
Each field type comes with extensive internal options for diverse content possibilities.
User-Friendly Online Generator:

Simply select the desired field types.
Generate the code and integrate it into the child theme’s functions.php file.

Both free and premium extensions available to enhance functionality.
Manage the display, organization, and conditions of the WordPress custom fields.
Customize Various Data Types:

Modify posts, pages, custom post types, taxonomies, settings pages, user profiles, post comments, and more.
Use the free plugin MB Custom Post Types & Custom Taxonomies for added customization.
Broad Range of Field Types:

Supports over 40 built-in WordPress custom field types.
Ability to create custom field types.
Supports cloning fields and repeatable field groups.
Leverage WordPress’ action and filter system for customization.

Lightweight API ensures optimal site performance.
Add only the required features, avoiding unnecessary bloat.
Seamless integration with themes, plugins, and the Composer package dependency manager.
Utilizes native WordPress meta data storage for fast processing.
Compatibility with the WPML multilingual plugin.


Flexibility: Customize content with a vast array of field types and options.
Efficiency: Quick and straightforward process to add custom fields and meta boxes.
Integration: Works harmoniously with themes, plugins, and other tools.
Performance: Lightweight API ensures the site remains fast and responsive.
Developer-Friendly: Designed with developers in mind, offering a plethora of tools and options for customization.


For developers seeking a comprehensive solution to manage custom fields in WordPress, Meta Box stands out as an exceptional choice. With its extensive features, user-friendly interface, and developer-centric design, it offers a seamless experience for customizing content. Whether you’re building a website for yourself or for a client, Meta Box provides the tools and flexibility needed to craft a unique and tailored WordPress experience.

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