Min/Max Quantities by WooCommerce review

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Key Features
  • Enhanced Inventory Management
  • Flexible Product Rules
  • Category-Based Restrictions
  • Order-Level Controls
  • Product-Level Rules
  • Order Restrictions
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Min/Max Quantities Plugin: Streamline Your WooCommerce Store’s Sales Strategy


The Min/Max Quantities plugin is a powerful tool designed for WooCommerce store owners who want to have precise control over the quantity of products that customers can purchase. Whether you’re looking to manage inventory, prevent stockouts, or implement a specific sales strategy, this plugin ensures that your customers’ orders align with your business goals.

Key Benefits:

Enhanced Inventory Management: By setting clear minimum and maximum purchase limits, you can prevent overstocking, reduce storage costs, and ensure optimal inventory levels.
Flexible Product Rules: Define specific quantity rules for individual products or their variations. This allows for tailored strategies for each product, ensuring that they are purchased in quantities that align with your sales and inventory goals.
Category-Based Restrictions: Implement quantity rules based on product categories. This is especially useful when you want to ensure that products from certain categories are purchased in specific multiples or quantities.
Order-Level Controls: Beyond individual products, set rules for the entire order. This includes setting a minimum or maximum number of items required to place an order, or a minimum/maximum order total for checkout. This can help in ensuring profitability and meeting specific sales targets.
Exclusion Options: The flexibility to exclude certain products from the set order rules ensures that specific promotions or products remain unaffected by the global settings.
Features At A Glance:

Product-Level Rules: Set minimum and maximum quantity limits for individual products or variations. You can also require products to be purchased in specific multiples.
Category Rules: Ensure that products from specific categories are purchased in predefined quantity multiples, allowing for targeted strategies for specific product lines.
Order Restrictions: Define the total number of items or the total order value required for a customer to checkout. This helps in ensuring that every order aligns with your business objectives.
Exclusion Mechanism: Have specific products that you don’t want to be affected by the global rules? No problem. The plugin allows you to exclude individual products from the set order rules.

For WooCommerce store owners looking to optimize their sales, inventory management, and customer shopping experience, the Min/Max Quantities plugin is an invaluable tool. By setting clear purchase limits and rules, you can drive sales that align with your business goals, manage stock effectively, and provide a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

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