Nextend Social Login review

  • 4.8 of 5 Rating
  • Free version available
  • $58
Key Features
  • Social Login Feature
  • User Profile Linking
  • Login Form Integration
  • Email & Username Request
  • Customizable Layout
  • WooCommerce Integration (Pro)
  • WordPress Comments Integration (Pro)
  • User Role Restrictions (Pro)
  • Translation Ready
  • Well documented
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ChatGPTNextend Social Login Overview

Nextend Social Login is a versatile WordPress plugin designed to simplify the user login process by integrating with popular social media platforms. It offers a quick and user-friendly way for visitors to register and log in to your website using their preferred social accounts.

Key Features:

Simple and Fast: Allows users to register and log in with just one click using their favorite social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn.
Seamless Integration: The plugin integrates effortlessly with the existing WordPress login and registration form. Existing users can also link their social accounts for easier access.
Customization: Decide which social accounts to use for login and where on the website the social login buttons should appear.
Broad Range of Providers: Supports a wide array of social login providers, including but not limited to Facebook, Google, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Amazon, PayPal, Github,, and many more. Some providers are available in the PRO version.
Powerful Features:

Login Form Integration: Displays social login buttons directly in the WordPress Login form.
User Profile Linking: Existing users can link or unlink their social profiles from their WordPress account.
Email & Username Request: In cases where email addresses or usernames aren’t provided by the social platform, the plugin can prompt users to input them.
Customizable Layout & Style: Modify the appearance of login buttons, choosing between icons or wide buttons.
WooCommerce Integration (PRO): Simplifies the registration process during WooCommerce checkout.
WordPress Comments Integration (PRO): Encourages more user comments by integrating social login in the comment form.
User Role Restrictions (PRO): Restrict social login based on user roles, ensuring, for example, that admins log in with a password.
Translation Ready: The plugin can be translated to cater to a global audience.
Comprehensive Support: Detailed documentation, tutorial videos, and premium support ensure users have all the help they need.

No Setup Hassle: The plugin is designed for easy setup, allowing website owners to quickly integrate social login functionality.
Enhanced User Experience: Provides users with a convenient way to log in without the need to remember another set of credentials.
Increased Engagement: By simplifying the login process, websites can potentially see higher user engagement and participation.
Customizable Appearance: The plugin offers flexibility in terms of appearance, ensuring it aligns with the website’s design.

Nextend Social Login is an essential tool for website owners looking to enhance user experience and streamline the login process. By integrating with a wide range of social media platforms, it offers users convenience and choice, leading to increased engagement and participation. Its array of features, both in the free and PRO versions, makes it a valuable addition to any WordPress website.

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