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Best WooCommerce Shipping Multiple Addresses Plugins

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  • One Checkout, Multiple Locations
  • Send Identical Carts to Different Addresses
  • Flexible Quantity Distribution
  • Multiple Addresses for Customer Accounts
  • Full Compatibility with Shipping Methods
  • Well documented
  • Read more
  • Multiple Addresses
  • Cost-Effective Solution
  • Dynamic Address Creation
  • Different Shipping Address for Each Product
  • Multiple Billing Addresses
  • Customizable Address Limitations
  • Location-Specific Address Restrictions
  • Admin-Friendly Sales Review
  • Well documented
  • Read more
  • Multiple Customer Adresses
  • User Role Specific Access
  • Interactive Checkout Dropdown
  • Customizable Billing Fields
  • Set Address Limit
  • Customizable Texts
  • Default Address Setting
  • Well documented
  • Read more
  • Multi-Shipping for Every Order
  • Product Exclusion
  • Manage Multiple Shipping Addresse
  • Split Product Quantity
  • Shipping Status Management
  • Email Notifications
  • Well documented
  • Read more
  • One-Click Checkout
  • Customizable Button
  • Stripe Integration
  • WPML Compatibility
  • Specific Display
  • Custom Redirect Options
  • Well documented
  • Read more
  • Buy Now Button
  • Multiple Addresses
  • Reduces Cart Abandonment
  • User-Centric Design
  • Well documented
  • Read more

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Best WooCommerce Shipping Multiple Addresses Plugins Index

Discover the Best WooCommerce Shipping Multiple Addresses Plugins

Welcome to our all-encompassing guide to identifying and utilizing the best WooCommerce shipping multiple addresses plugins for your online store. Here, we will explore the ins and outs of these plugins and their transformative potential for your e-commerce business.

Understanding the Significance of Shipping Multiple Addresses Plugins

Step into the world of shipping multiple addresses plugins and understand why they are gradually becoming a must-have feature for e-commerce platforms…

Key Features of the Best WooCommerce Shipping Multiple Addresses Plugins

Join us as we unravel the key features that make a WooCommerce shipping multiple addresses plugin stand out in the competitive market.

Flexibility and Customization

Explore the realms of flexibility and customization that these plugins offer, allowing for a more personalized shopping experience for your customers…

Integration with Shipping Carriers

Uncover the seamless integrations that the best WooCommerce shipping multiple addresses plugins offer with various shipping carriers, offering a streamlined process…

Automated Shipping Calculations

Discover how automated shipping calculations work to save time and reduce errors, providing a smooth checkout process for your customers…

Security Features

Delve into the security features integrated into these plugins, ensuring safe and secure transactions…

Implementing WooCommerce Shipping Multiple Addresses Plugins

Get a step-by-step guide on the implementation of these plugins, transforming your e-commerce platform into a user-friendly powerhouse.

Installation Process

Dive into the installation process, focusing on the best WooCommerce shipping multiple addresses plugins and the ease of integrating them into your online store…

Setting Up and Configuration

Walk through the setup and configuration process, understanding how to optimize the plugin for the best performance…

User Guide: How to Use the Plugin

Provide your users with a detailed guide on how to use the plugin to ship to multiple addresses, enhancing their shopping experience…

Real-world Success Stories

Get inspired by real-world success stories of businesses that redefined their success through the integration of the best WooCommerce shipping multiple addresses plugins

Business A

Explore the journey of Business A and how it escalated its operations and customer satisfaction rates through a strategic plugin integration…

Business B

Discover how Business B revolutionized its shipping process, offering its customers a flexible and seamless shipping experience…

Expert Advice on Choosing the Right Plugin

Find expert opinions and advice on choosing the right plugin, helping you make an informed decision…


As we wrap up our detailed exploration of the best WooCommerce shipping multiple addresses plugins, we underscore the pivotal role that these plugins play in modern e-commerce platforms…

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Advanced description of the Best WooCommerce Shipping Multiple Addresses Plugins


Shipping Multiple Addresses: Overview and Features
Shipping Multiple Addresses is a WooCommerce extension designed to simplify the online shopping experience for customers who wish to send items to different locations within a single order. This feature is particularly beneficial during festive seasons or special occasions when customers are purchasing gifts for multiple recipients.

Key Features
One Checkout, Multiple Locations:

Streamlines the checkout process by allowing customers to ship items to various addresses without having to place separate orders for each location.
Send Identical Carts to Different Addresses:

If a customer wants to send the same set of items to multiple people, this feature makes it hassle-free. For instance, sending the same gift to different family members in different cities.
Flexible Quantity Distribution:

Customers have the freedom to send any quantity of a product to any number of addresses. For example, sending three units of a product to one address and two units to another.
Multiple Addresses for Customer Accounts:

Customers can save multiple shipping addresses in their accounts for future convenience. This eliminates the need to re-enter addresses for subsequent orders.
Full Compatibility with WooCommerce Shipping Methods:

The extension seamlessly integrates with all standard WooCommerce shipping methods, ensuring that customers can choose their preferred shipping option for each address.
Enhanced Shopping Experience:

By offering a multi-address shipping option, online retailers can significantly enhance the shopping experience, especially for those buying gifts or making bulk purchases for different locations.

In Summary:

Shipping Multiple Addresses is an essential WooCommerce extension for e-commerce platforms aiming to provide an enhanced and convenient shopping experience. By allowing customers to ship items to multiple addresses within a single order, retailers can reduce cart abandonment rates and boost sales, especially during peak shopping seasons. The extension’s features are designed with the customer’s convenience in mind, making the shopping journey smooth and efficient. If you’re an online retailer looking to improve customer satisfaction and increase sales, integrating the Shipping Multiple Addresses extension can be a game-changer for your business.

Price $59

Shipping Multiple Addresses


WooCommerce Multiple Customer Addresses & Shipping: Overview and Features
WooCommerce Multiple Customer Addresses & Shipping (WCMCA) is a comprehensive solution designed to enhance the shopping experience on WooCommerce platforms. It offers customers the flexibility to manage and utilize multiple addresses, making the checkout process more versatile and user-friendly.

Key Features
Multiple Addresses for Registered Customers:

Registered users can associate multiple shipping and billing addresses with their profile.
This feature is particularly beneficial for shoppers who frequently send items to different locations.
Cost-Effective Solution:

WCMCA stands out not only for its rich features but also for its affordability.
It offers a high value-for-money ratio, making it a top choice for e-commerce platforms.
Dynamic Address Creation:

Customers have the convenience of creating and saving new addresses directly from the checkout page.
This ensures a seamless shopping experience without the need to navigate away from the checkout process.
Different Shipping Address for Each Product:

A standout feature of WCMCA is the ability for customers to specify a unique shipping address for each product in their cart.
This is especially useful for gift purchases or when ordering items for different locations.
Multiple Billing Addresses:

In addition to multiple shipping addresses, the plugin also supports the use of multiple billing addresses.
This offers added flexibility for customers who may have different billing preferences or requirements.
Customizable Address Limitations:

Store owners can set a limit on the number of addresses a customer can use during checkout.
This helps streamline the checkout process and manage the address database effectively.
Location-Specific Address Restrictions:

The plugin allows store owners to disable the multiple address feature for specific geographical locations.
This can be useful for stores that have shipping restrictions or limitations for certain regions.
Admin-Friendly Sales Review:

The sales admin screen provides a clear overview of all the addresses used by customers.
This ensures easy order processing and management for store owners.
Intuitive Yet Comprehensive:

While WCMCA offers a plethora of features, it’s worth noting that the abundance of options might make the checkout page appear a bit overwhelming to some customers.

In Summary:

WooCommerce Multiple Customer Addresses & Shipping (WCMCA) is a robust and cost-effective solution for WooCommerce stores looking to offer their customers greater flexibility in managing and using multiple addresses. Its comprehensive features, combined with its affordability, make it a top contender for e-commerce platforms aiming to enhance their checkout process. Store owners should, however, ensure that the checkout experience remains user-friendly and not too cluttered, given the extensive options provided by the plugin.

Price $25

WooCommerce Multiple Customer Addresses


Multiple Customer Addresses: Overview and Features
Multiple Customer Addresses is a versatile plugin designed to enhance the user experience on e-commerce platforms by allowing customers to store and manage multiple shipping and billing addresses. This feature is particularly beneficial for shoppers who frequently send items to different locations, such as their home, office, or as gifts to friends and family.

Key Features
User Role Specific Access:

Restrict the ability to add multiple addresses based on specific user roles.
This ensures that only certain customers or members can utilize this feature.
Interactive Checkout Dropdown:

An intuitive dropdown menu on the checkout page allows customers to easily select their preferred shipping or billing address for the current order.
Customizable Billing Fields:

Choose which billing fields are essential for alternate addresses, ensuring you gather only the necessary information.
Address Limit:

Set a maximum limit on the number of billing and shipping addresses each customer can add.
This helps in managing and streamlining the address database.
Customizable Texts:

Personalize the headings for addresses and the text on the “ADD-NEW-button” to align with your store’s branding or language preferences.
Custom CSS Option:

Tailor the look and feel of the address sections by adding custom CSS, ensuring it matches your site’s design.
Manage Addresses with Ease:

Customers can duplicate, edit, or delete their saved addresses.
This ensures they always have up-to-date and relevant addresses on file.
Default Address Setting:

With just one click, customers can set any of their saved addresses as the default.
This speeds up the checkout process as the default address will be pre-selected.

In Summary:

The Multiple Customer Addresses plugin is an essential tool for e-commerce platforms aiming to provide a seamless and user-friendly shopping experience. By allowing customers to manage multiple addresses, you simplify the checkout process and cater to the diverse needs of your clientele. Whether it’s for regular shoppers with multiple delivery points or for those who frequently gift items, this feature is bound to enhance customer satisfaction.

Price $39

Multiple Customer Addresses


YITH Multiple Shipping Addresses for WooCommerce: Overview and Features
YITH Multiple Shipping Addresses for WooCommerce is a powerful tool designed to enhance the shopping experience on your e-commerce platform. It addresses a common challenge faced by many online shoppers: the need to ship different products in a single order to multiple addresses. By offering this feature, you can cater to customers who wish to send gifts, make purchases for friends, family, or colleagues, or simply need different products delivered to different locations.

Key Features
Multi-Shipping for Every Order:

Allow customers to select different shipping addresses for individual products within a single order.
Option to enable this feature for all users or only for registered customers.
Product Exclusion:

Choose to prevent multi-shipping for specific products or entire categories.
This ensures flexibility in how you manage your product shipments.
Manage Multiple Shipping Addresses:

Customers can add unlimited custom shipping addresses.
Addresses can be managed both during the checkout process and within the “My Account” section.
Split Product Quantity:

If a customer orders multiple quantities of a single product, they can choose to send different quantities to different addresses.
Shipping Status Management:

Store owners can manage and update the shipping status for each address.
Status options include Processing, Shipped, Cancelled, and Returned.
Email Notifications:

Notify customers via email when the shipping status of their products changes.
Keeps customers informed and enhances transparency.
WPML Compatibility:

The plugin is compatible with WPML, allowing for easy translation and catering to a global audience.

In Summary:

YITH Multiple Shipping Addresses for WooCommerce is a game-changer for e-commerce platforms, especially during occasions like Christmas or other holidays when customers are likely to purchase gifts for multiple people. By offering the ability to ship to multiple addresses in a single order, you not only enhance the user experience but also increase the chances of larger orders. This feature can be the difference between a customer choosing your platform over a competitor’s.

Price $69

YITH Multiple Shipping Addresses for WooCommerce


YITH One-Click Checkout for WooCommerce: The Ultimate Shortcut to Swift Purchases

In the fast-paced e-commerce landscape, the YITH One-Click Checkout plugin emerges as a powerhouse tool, designed to streamline the checkout process and offer your customers a swift and hassle-free shopping experience. Here’s how this plugin can be a game-changer for your WooCommerce store:


Key Features

One-Click Purchase from Product Detail Page: Allow your customers to bypass the traditional checkout process and make purchases directly from the product detail page, saving time and encouraging quicker buying decisions.
Customizable One-Click Button: Tailor the one-click button to match your store’s aesthetics. Customize the colors and labels to offer a cohesive shopping experience.
Integration with Stripe Payment System: Facilitate easy and quick order completion with integrated Stripe payment system, ensuring a smooth transaction process for your customers.

Exclusive Benefits

First Purchase Activation: Display the one-click button only after a user’s first purchase, encouraging them to quickly repeat purchases without entering details again.
Multiple Shipping Addresses: Offer the convenience of selecting from multiple saved shipping addresses, enhancing the user experience and speeding up the checkout process.
WPML Compatibility: Enjoy the freedom to translate the plugin effortlessly using the powerful WPML tool, making your store accessible to a global audience.

Flexible Settings

Controlled Display on Shop Page: Choose to display the one-click button prominently on the main shop page, encouraging users to make quick purchase decisions.
Product and Category Specific Display: Have the autonomy to hide the one-click button on specific products or categories, or restrict the plugin’s features to certain categories, offering a tailored shopping experience.
Custom Redirect Options: Direct users to a page of your choice post-purchase, be it the “Thank You” page, product page, payment page, or any other page on your site, enhancing the post-purchase user journey.

Integration with Add-Ons

YITH WooCommerce Product Add-ons & Extra Options: Ensure compatibility and smooth functioning with YITH WooCommerce Product Add-ons & Extra Options, offering a seamless shopping experience with additional product options.
WooCommerce Product Add-ons: The plugin integrates perfectly with WooCommerce Product Add-ons, enhancing the product customization options and offering a rich shopping experience.

Why Choose YITH One-Click Checkout?

User-Friendly: Designed with user convenience in mind, this plugin facilitates a straightforward and efficient checkout process.
Boost Sales: By encouraging quicker purchases through the one-click button, you not only enhance user satisfaction but also foster increased sales.

Get Started with YITH One-Click Checkout

Ready to elevate your WooCommerce store with a frictionless checkout process? Download the YITH One-Click Checkout plugin now and take a giant leap towards a user-friendly and efficient shopping experience!

Price $69.99

YITH WooCommerce One-Click Checkout


Quick Checkout for WooCommerce: The Fast-Track to a Seamless Shopping Experience

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, speed and convenience are paramount. The Quick Checkout for WooCommerce plugin is designed to offer your customers a swift and hassle-free checkout process, significantly reducing cart abandonment and enhancing user satisfaction. Here’s how this plugin can revolutionize your WooCommerce store:


Key Features

Buy Now Button: Facilitate instant purchases by enabling a Buy Now button on various pages including the shop, category, and tag pages, as well as single product pages. This feature allows customers to skip the cart page and head straight to checkout, saving precious time and encouraging impulsive buys.
Multiple Addresses: Offer the convenience of saving multiple addresses in a single account. Customers can effortlessly select a pre-saved address during checkout, avoiding the repetitive task of entering address details for every new purchase.


Reduces Cart Abandonment: By streamlining the checkout process and offering quick purchase options, you can significantly reduce cart abandonment rates, ensuring that more customers complete their purchases.
Offers Unmatched Convenience: Cater to your busy customers by providing a quick and convenient checkout process, enhancing their shopping experience and fostering loyalty.

How the Buy Now Feature Works

The Buy Now button revolutionizes the shopping experience by being readily accessible on critical pages such as:

  • Shop page
  • Category page
  • Tag pages
  • Single product pages

This strategic placement ensures that customers can make quick purchase decisions from various points in your store, encouraging more sales and a smoother shopping journey.


Why Choose Quick Checkout for WooCommerce?

User-Centric Design: Developed with the user’s convenience in mind, this plugin offers a straightforward and efficient checkout process, promising a satisfying and quick shopping experience.
Boosts Sales: By facilitating quicker purchases through the Buy Now button and the multiple addresses feature, you not only enhance user satisfaction but also see a notable increase in sales.

Get Started with Quick Checkout for WooCommerce

Are you ready to offer a quick and seamless checkout experience that keeps your customers coming back? Download the Quick Checkout for WooCommerce plugin now and watch your sales soar!

Price $49

Quick Checkout for WooCommerce

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