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Best WordPress Custom Field Plugins

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  • Custom Post Types
  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Taxonomies
  • Content Organization
  • Create dedicated areas
  • Unlimited custom Post Types
  • Custom Fields Creation
  • Custom Post Types & Taxonomies
  • Front-end Templates & Posting
  • Options Pages Creation
  • WooCommerce Custom Fields
  • Seamless Theme Integration
  • User-Friendly
  • Well documented
  • Read more
  • Dynamic Field Addition
  • Custom Field Placement
  • Easy Field Display
  • Custom Post Types & Taxonomies
  • User-Friendly & Accessible
  • The Repeater Field (Pro)
  • ACF Blocks (Pro)
  • Clone Field (Pro)
  • Well documented
  • Read more
  • Add custom fields
  • User-Friendly Online Generator
  • Extensions
  • Customize Various Data Types
  • 40+ built-in Field types
  • Create custom Field types
  • Flexibility
  • Well documented
  • Read more
  • Content Type Creation
  • Custom Fields
  • Display Custom Fields
  • Relationship Fields
  • Content Evolution
  • Field Types
  • Advanced Relationships
  • Well documented
  • Read more

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Best WordPress Custom Field Plugins Index

Discover the Unbeatable Advantages of the Best WordPress Custom Field Plugins

Welcome to our comprehensive guide exploring the expansive world of the best WordPress custom field plugins. In the ever-evolving landscape of website development, custom fields stand as a beacon of personalization and functionality, offering a bespoke touch to your WordPress website. Let’s delve into the rich features and benefits that the best plugins in this category bring to the table.

Understanding the Essence of WordPress Custom Field Plugins

WordPress custom field plugins are instrumental in adding additional data to your posts, allowing for a richer and more detailed content presentation. In this section, we unravel what custom fields are and why they are a pivotal tool in enhancing your WordPress site.

The Multifaceted Benefits of Utilizing Custom Field Plugins

By leveraging the best WordPress custom field plugins, you can bring a plethora of advantages to your website. Here, we discuss the diverse benefits ranging from personalized content presentation to seamless data management and beyond.

Features to Consider When Choosing Custom Field Plugins

Choosing the right plugin requires a deep understanding of the features that align with your website’s needs. In this segment, we analyze the core features that a custom field plugin should possess to offer the most benefits.

Installation and Setup: A Step-by-Step Guide

The installation and setup process of custom field plugins are critical steps in your journey to a more personalized website. In this guide, we offer a step-by-step walkthrough to ensure a hassle-free setup process.

Maximizing the Potential of Your Plugin

Beyond installation, understanding how to maximize the potential of your plugin is essential. Here we provide insights and tips on how to get the most out of the best WordPress custom field plugins.

Security Considerations for Using Custom Field Plugins

Ensuring the security of your website while using custom field plugins is vital. In this section, we provide a guide on the security considerations to keep in mind while using these plugins to protect your website from potential vulnerabilities.

Case Studies: Success Stories of Using Custom Field Plugins

Dive into real-world case studies showcasing the transformative potential of integrating the best WordPress custom field plugins into various websites, illustrating the elevation in functionality and user experience.

Conclusion: Setting the Stage for an Enhanced User Experience

As we round up our extensive guide, we reiterate the significant enhancements that the best WordPress custom field plugins can bring to your website. Learn how to set the stage for a richer user experience through intelligent plugin utilization.

For more insights and guides into elevating your WordPress website experience, stay tuned to our blog. Happy WordPressing!

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Advanced description of the Best WordPress Custom Field Plugins


Easy Post Types and Fields Overview

Introduction: Easy Post Types and Fields is a user-friendly WordPress plugin designed to simplify the process of adding custom post types, fields, and taxonomies to your website. It’s tailored for users who need a straightforward solution without the complexities of advanced features.

Key Features:

Custom Post Types:

Create unlimited custom post types, each with its dedicated section in the WordPress admin.
Manage custom content distinctly from other WordPress post types.
Option to extend existing post types.
Custom Fields:

Add custom fields to any WordPress post type, including built-in ones, those created with this plugin, or those from other plugins.
Two field types available: Plain text and WYSIWYG (Visual Editor).
Custom Taxonomies:

Add custom taxonomies to any post type.
Choose between hierarchical (like WordPress categories) or non-hierarchical (like WordPress tags) taxonomies.
Manage taxonomy terms separately for each post type.
Content Organization:

Create dedicated areas in the WordPress admin for specific content types.
Add extra fields to structure and display information systematically.
Use custom taxonomies to categorize and organize content efficiently.

What It Doesn’t Include:

While Easy Post Types and Fields covers the basic needs of most WordPress users, it intentionally omits certain advanced features, including:

Additional custom field types like date picker, checkbox, and color picker.
Privacy settings to control visibility based on user roles.
Relationship and repeater fields.
Advanced Content Types (ACTs) with separate database tables.


Easy Post Types and Fields is an ideal solution for WordPress users who require a straightforward approach to customizing their content. By focusing on the essentials and omitting advanced features, it provides a clean, efficient, and user-friendly experience. Whether you’re looking to create custom post types, add specific fields, or categorize content with custom taxonomies, this plugin offers a hassle-free way to enhance your WordPress site’s functionality.

Price 1

Easy Post Types And Fields


WordPress Creation Kit (WCK) Overview

Introduction: WordPress Creation Kit (WCK) is a dynamic plugin designed to empower users to craft fully customized WordPress websites without the need for coding. It offers a suite of tools that facilitate the creation of custom fields, post types, taxonomies, and more, all from the WordPress admin dashboard.

Key Features:

Custom Fields Creation:

Design a robust set of custom fields tailored to your site’s needs.
Use the drag-and-drop interface for easy rearrangement of repeater fields.
Custom Post Types & Taxonomies:

Effortlessly create and manage custom post types and taxonomies directly from the WP admin UI.
Enhance content organization and presentation on your site.
Front-end Templates & Posting:

Craft and modify your front-end templates directly from the admin dashboard.
Enable users to add and edit content directly from the frontend, enhancing user experience.
Options Pages Creation:

Design custom options pages to manage various settings and configurations.
Provides a user-friendly admin interface, eliminating the need for coding.
WooCommerce Custom Fields:

Extend the capabilities of your WooCommerce store by adding custom fields.
Tailor your product listings and details to better suit your business needs.
Seamless Theme Integration:

WCK is designed to integrate smoothly with your existing WordPress themes.
Ensure consistent design and functionality across your site.
User-Friendly for Developers:

While WCK is designed for ease of use for all users, it offers developer-level tools like the options page creator.
Ideal for developers aiming to deliver sites with intuitive admin settings.


The WordPress Creation Kit (WCK) is an essential tool for anyone looking to elevate their WordPress website’s customization and functionality. Its intuitive interface and powerful features make it easy for both beginners and seasoned developers to craft unique, tailored websites. Whether you’re looking to enhance your WooCommerce store, create custom post types, or design front-end templates, WCK offers a comprehensive solution to meet your needs. With over 20,000+ users, it’s a trusted choice for creating custom WordPress sites without the hassle of coding.

Price $49

WordPress Creation Kit


Advanced Custom Fields (ACF): A Comprehensive Overview

Introduction: Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) is a game-changer for WordPress, transforming it into a robust content management system. It offers a suite of tools that empower users to customize their WordPress sites, manage custom field data, and enhance the content creation experience.

Key Features:

Dynamic Field Addition:

Easily add fields to WordPress edit screens with the ACF field builder.
From simple fields like “author” to complex structured data, ACF simplifies the process.
Versatile Field Placement:

Add fields to various areas in WordPress, including posts, pages, users, taxonomy terms, media, comments, and custom options pages.
Easy Field Display:

Seamlessly load and display custom field values in theme templates.
ACF’s developer-friendly functions make templating straightforward.
Custom Post Types & Taxonomies:

Beyond custom fields, ACF allows the creation of custom post types and taxonomies directly within its interface.
Eliminates the need for additional plugins or coding.
User-Friendly & Accessible:

Provides an intuitive experience for content creators.
Adheres to accessibility standards, ensuring a broad range of users can benefit.
Comprehensive Documentation:

A decade of community contributions and clear documentation ensures developers and users have the resources they need.

ACF PRO Features:

The Repeater Field:

Create sub-fields that can be repeated multiple times.
ACF Blocks:

A PHP-based framework for creating custom block types for the WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg).
Flexible Content Field:

Offers multiple layout and sub-field options for diverse content creation.
Options Page Feature:

Add custom admin pages to edit ACF fields.
Gallery Field:

Craft customizable image galleries.
Clone Field:

Efficiently manage field settings by reusing existing fields and field groups.


Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) is an indispensable tool for anyone looking to elevate their WordPress site. With its intuitive interface, extensive features, and commitment to accessibility and documentation, ACF provides a comprehensive solution for customizing and managing content. Whether you’re a developer or a content creator, ACF offers the flexibility and power to tailor your WordPress experience to your unique needs. The PRO version further amplifies these capabilities, making it a worthy investment for those seeking advanced functionalities.

Price $20/mo 1

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)


Meta Box – WordPress Custom Fields Framework: A Comprehensive Overview

Introduction: Meta Box is a robust toolkit designed for developers to effortlessly create custom meta boxes and fields in WordPress. It offers a vast array of field types, ensuring developers have the flexibility to customize content as per their requirements.

Key Features:

Versatility in Custom Fields:

Add custom fields to pages, posts, custom post types, forms, and more.
Over 40 different field types including text, images, checkboxes, file uploads, etc.
Each field type comes with extensive internal options for diverse content possibilities.
User-Friendly Online Generator:

Simply select the desired field types.
Generate the code and integrate it into the child theme’s functions.php file.

Both free and premium extensions available to enhance functionality.
Manage the display, organization, and conditions of the WordPress custom fields.
Customize Various Data Types:

Modify posts, pages, custom post types, taxonomies, settings pages, user profiles, post comments, and more.
Use the free plugin MB Custom Post Types & Custom Taxonomies for added customization.
Broad Range of Field Types:

Supports over 40 built-in WordPress custom field types.
Ability to create custom field types.
Supports cloning fields and repeatable field groups.
Leverage WordPress’ action and filter system for customization.

Lightweight API ensures optimal site performance.
Add only the required features, avoiding unnecessary bloat.
Seamless integration with themes, plugins, and the Composer package dependency manager.
Utilizes native WordPress meta data storage for fast processing.
Compatibility with the WPML multilingual plugin.


Flexibility: Customize content with a vast array of field types and options.
Efficiency: Quick and straightforward process to add custom fields and meta boxes.
Integration: Works harmoniously with themes, plugins, and other tools.
Performance: Lightweight API ensures the site remains fast and responsive.
Developer-Friendly: Designed with developers in mind, offering a plethora of tools and options for customization.


For developers seeking a comprehensive solution to manage custom fields in WordPress, Meta Box stands out as an exceptional choice. With its extensive features, user-friendly interface, and developer-centric design, it offers a seamless experience for customizing content. Whether you’re building a website for yourself or for a client, Meta Box provides the tools and flexibility needed to craft a unique and tailored WordPress experience.

Price $49 1

Meta Box – WordPress Custom Fields Framework


Pods – Custom Content Types and Fields: A Comprehensive Overview

Introduction: Pods Framework is a versatile tool designed to manage custom content seamlessly within WordPress. It offers a plethora of features that allow users to create, extend, and customize content types beyond the standard WordPress offerings.

Key Features:

Content Type Creation:

Create Custom Post Types, Custom Taxonomies, and Advanced Content Types (with custom tables).
Extend existing content types like Posts, Pages, Users, and more.
Generate custom settings pages swiftly.
Custom Fields:

Add custom fields to any content type.
Implement Conditional Logic to display fields based on other field values.
Organize fields into groups and sections for better clarity.
Display Custom Fields:

Use blocks, shortcodes, widgets, or Pods Templates for displaying fields.
Automatic theme integration for seamless display.
Relationship Fields:

Create connections between any content, ensuring organized and interlinked content.
Content Evolution:

An intuitive interface for managing field groups, custom fields, and content type appearance or functionality.
Field Types:

Over 25 input types across 20+ field types.
Control visibility based on roles/capabilities.
Includes Text, Paragraph, Date/Time, Number, Relationships/Media, Checkbox, Color Picker, and Layout Fields.
Advanced Relationships:

Relate content to Posts, Taxonomies, Users, Comments, and more.
Predefined relationships like countries, states, days of the week, etc.
Optional Components:

Enhance functionality with components like Types-only Mode, Pods Templates, Markdown Syntax, Advanced Relationships, Table Storage, Roles and Capabilities, Advanced Content Types, and Pods Pages.


Flexibility: Customize and manage content as per specific needs without any limitations.
User-Friendly: Intuitive interface ensures easy content management, even for non-developers.
Enhanced Relationships: Comprehensive support for relating content, ensuring structured and interconnected content.
Performance Boost: Option to disable creating custom fields for better performance.
Seamless Integration: Works harmoniously with WordPress themes and offers automatic integration.


For those looking to elevate their WordPress site’s content management capabilities, the Pods Framework is an invaluable asset. With its extensive features, it provides users with the tools to create, manage, and display custom content effortlessly. Whether you’re a developer or a site owner, Pods offers a solution to cater to all your custom content needs.

Price 1

Pods – Custom Content Types and Fields

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