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Best WordPress Drag & Drop Page Builder Plugins

Hier findest du die besten Zahlungsanbieter für deinen Woocommerce Shop im Vergleich und mit direktem Downloadlink sowie einer Plugin-guru Bewertung
  • Drag & Drop Builder
  • 100+ Widgets
  • 300+ Pre-made Templates
  • Global Design Settings
  • 20+ WooCommerce Widgets
  • Responsive Design Options
  • Template and Block Library
  • Third-Party Add-Ons
  • Popup Builder PRO
  • Custom Templates PRO
  • Theme Builder PRO
  • Contact Form PRO
  • Dynamic Content PRO
  • Well documented
  • Read more
  • Drag and Drop
  • No Coding Required
  • Frontend & Backend Editor
  • Responsive Design
  • 50+ Content Elements
  • Pre-made designs
  • Template Library
  • 200+ Addons
  • WooCommerce Support
  • Developer Friendly
  • Image Filters
  • Undo/Redo
  • Well documented
  • Read more
  • Drag & Drop Builder
  • Dark Mode
  • Mega Menus & Sticky Headers
  • Performance & SEO
  • Basic Elements
  • WooCommerce Elements PRO
  • Advanced Form Builder PRO
  • 130+ Premium Elements PRO
  • Advanced Dynamic Data PRO
  • Client Mode PRO
  • Advanced Conditions PRO
  • Well documented
  • Read more
  • Drag & Drop Building
  • 200+ Modules
  • 2,000+ layouts
  • 300+ complete websites
  • Undo, Redo, & Revisions
  • Global Elements & Styles
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • SEO Integration
  • Theme Builder
  • Collaboration & Role Management
  • Well documented
  • Read more
  • Content Modules
  • Column-based Layout
  • Responsive layouts
  • Custom CSS
  • Use WordPress Widgets and shortcodes
  • Works with Pages, Posts, and Custom Post Types
  • Contact Form PRO
  • Tabs PRO
  • Slider PRO
  • Pricing Table PRO
  • Map PRO
  • Pre-Made Templates PRO
  • Well documented
  • Read more
  • Drag & Drop Builder
  • Flexbox & CSS Grid
  • Customizable Responsiveness
  • Google Font Integration
  • 20+ WooCommerce Elements
  • Dynamic Data Display
  • Animation Options
  • Well documented
  • Read more
  • Drag & Drop Page Builder
  • 50 PRO Templates
  • 90+ PRO Page Blocks
  • 100+ Section Templates
  • Email Marketing Integration
  • WooCommerce Support
  • Access Controls
  • Well documented
  • Read more
  • Drag & Drop Builder
  • 300+ Content Elements
  • 200+ Templates
  • Font Manager
  • Theme Builder
  • Popup Builder
  • Free Stock Images
  • Real-Time SEO Feedback
  • Well documented
  • Read more
  • 400+ Templates
  • Conversion-Focused
  • Marketing Elements
  • Smart Landing Pages
  • A/B Testing
  • Analytics and Tracking
  • Landing Page Gallery
  • 350+ Landing Page templates
  • Well documented
  • Read more
  • Drag & Drop Builder
  • 36+ Elements
  • 100+ Templates
  • 500+ pre-designed Blocks
  • 4000+ premium icons
  • Image Customization
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Pop-up Builder PRO
  • Landing Page Builder PRO
  • Theme Builder PRO
  • WooCommerce builder PRO
  • Well documented
  • Read more

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Best WordPress Drag & Drop Page Builder Plugins Index

Best WordPress Drag & Drop Page Builder Plugins: Revolutionize Your Web Design

The power of drag and drop page builders has transformed the web design landscape. With the rise of such plugins, creating a professional-looking website with WordPress, even without coding knowledge, has become a reality. This guide is dedicated to helping you understand the essence of the best WordPress drag & drop page builder plugins.

Why Drag & Drop Page Builders?

The age of needing to understand complex coding languages to create a stunning website is a thing of the past. Drag & drop page builders provide an intuitive interface, allowing users to craft web pages with ease and precision.

Characteristics of the Best WordPress Drag & Drop Builders

While the market is flooded with numerous page builders, the best ones usually possess these features:

  • Seamless WordPress integration.
  • Real-time editing with live previews.
  • A vast library of pre-designed elements and templates.
  • Responsiveness across all devices.
  • SEO-friendly output.
  • Extendability via third-party addons or extensions.
  • Regular updates and dedicated support.

The SEO Power of Drag & Drop Page Builders

Being visible online isn’t just about stunning design, it’s about ranking on search engines. The beauty of the best WordPress drag & drop page builder plugins is their innate capability to produce SEO-optimized designs, ensuring that websites look fantastic and are set up for search engine success.

SEO Considerations in Page Builders

Page builder plugins aren’t just about aesthetics; they play a pivotal role in the website’s SEO performance:

  • Clean code generation for easy crawling by search engine bots.
  • Fast loading times to decrease bounce rates and enhance user experience.
  • Integration with popular SEO plugins to allow fine-tuning.

Things to Remember When Choosing a Page Builder

As you embark on your journey to find the ideal page builder for your WordPress site, bear these points in mind:


The chosen plugin should be compatible with your WordPress theme and other essential plugins, ensuring a hassle-free design experience.


The best page builders allow for design flexibility, ensuring you aren’t boxed into a specific look or style.

Future-proofing Your Website

Ensure that the page builder plugin you opt for is regularly updated. This not only provides new features and security updates but also ensures your website is ready for future web trends.


The era of WordPress has been significantly uplifted by the advent of drag & drop page builder plugins. Selecting from the best WordPress drag & drop page builder plugins allows even those without a coding background to craft beautiful, SEO-optimized websites. The power to create and innovate is now firmly in your hands, so choose wisely and design freely!

For more insightful content on WordPress, web design trends, and digital tools, keep exploring our website. Our mission is to empower web enthusiasts and entrepreneurs with the knowledge to excel in the digital realm.

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Advanced description of the Best WordPress Drag & Drop Page Builder Plugins


Introduction: Unlock the Full Potential of Your WordPress Website with WPBakery Page Builder
In the digital era, establishing a robust online presence is crucial, and what better way to do it than with a stunning, user-friendly WordPress website? WPBakery Page Builder stands at the forefront of website building solutions, providing users with an unparalleled experience in creating responsive, aesthetically pleasing, and highly functional websites. This versatile drag-and-drop page builder plugin is tailored to meet the needs of both beginners and experienced developers, ensuring that your journey to crafting the perfect website is seamless and enjoyable.

With its intuitive interface, a plethora of content elements, and advanced design capabilities, WPBakery Page Builder transcends the ordinary, allowing you to unleash your creativity and translate your visions into reality. Let’s dive into the myriad of features that make WPBakery Page Builder the ultimate choice for building top-notch WordPress websites.

WPBakery Page Builder Features

Ease of Use
Drag and Drop Interface: Intuitive design for easy content building.
No Coding Required: Create complex layouts without any coding skills.
Real-Time Editing: See changes as you make them, either on the frontend or backend.

Editor Options
Frontend Editor: Work directly on the live website.
Backend Editor: Use the WordPress backend with extended capabilities.

Responsive Design
Mobile-Friendly: Ensures your website looks perfect on all devices.
Adjustable Preferences: Tailor the responsiveness to your needs.
Responsive Preview: Preview how your site looks on different devices.

Content Elements and Templates
50+ Content Elements: A wide variety of options for content creation.
Professionally Designed Templates: Start with pre-made designs.
Template Library: Access regularly updated layout templates.

Design Control
Advanced Design Options: Full control over borders, margins, paddings, and more.
Color and Styling: Enhance your design with a comprehensive color panel.

Extensions and Compatibility
200+ Unique Addons: Enhance functionality with exclusive addons.
WooCommerce Support: Fully compatible with the popular eCommerce plugin.
SEO Friendly: Works well with top SEO plugins.

User and Developer Friendly
User Role Manager: Control access based on user roles.
Developer API: Extend capabilities with a comprehensive API.
Shortcode Mapper: Easily add third-party shortcodes.

Additional Features
Multi-language Support: Compatible with WPML and other translation plugins.
Parallax and Video Backgrounds: Create visually appealing sections.
Image Filters: Apply unique filters to your images.
Advanced Grid Builder: Display content in grid or masonry layouts.
Custom Post Types Support: Works with any post type.
Lifetime Updates: Receive the latest updates free of charge.
Professional Support: Dedicated support team to assist you.
Undo/Redo: Easily revert or repeat actions.
RTL Support: Right-to-left language support.
Gutenberg Compatible: Works seamlessly with the Gutenberg editor.

Performance and Optimization
Lightweight Interface: Ensures fast loading times and smooth operation.
SEO Optimizations: Ensures your content is optimized for search engines.

Elevate Your Website Building Experience with WPBakery Page Builder
In summary, WPBakery Page Builder stands as an epitome of innovation and ease in the realm of WordPress website building. Its extensive array of features, ranging from the intuitive drag-and-drop interface to the advanced design options and extensive compatibility, ensures that you have all the tools at your disposal to create a website that is not only visually stunning but also highly functional and user-friendly.

By choosing WPBakery Page Builder, you are opting for a future-proof solution that keeps pace with the ever-evolving digital landscape, guaranteeing that your website stays ahead of the curve and stands out in the crowded online space. Unleash the full potential of your WordPress website with WPBakery Page Builder, and join the community of millions who have already transformed their website building experience.

Embark on a journey to excellence with WPBakery Page Builder, where possibilities are limitless, and every website is a masterpiece waiting to happen. Start building your dream website today and witness the transformation that WPBakery Page Builder can bring to your online presence.

Price $59

WPBakery Page Builder


Breakdance: Revolutionizing WordPress Design

Overview: Breakdance enters the WordPress arena as a pioneering page builder plugin, crafted to provide an unrivaled, intuitive design experience. With its visual drag-and-drop interface, Breakdance opens doors to limitless creativity for both novice and seasoned designers.

Salient Features:

User-Friendly Design Interface: Empowers users to build and customize stunning websites through a seamless drag-and-drop process.
Mega Menus & Sticky Headers: Create advanced navigation structures without requiring additional plugins or complex coding.
Advanced Loop/Query Builder: Direct access to WordPress database data, ensuring a rich palette for dynamic content and customization.
WooCommerce Integration: A holistic solution for e-commerce, allowing for the creation of entire WooCommerce pages within the intuitive no-code builder.
Speed & Performance: Built on a nimble codebase, Breakdance guarantees swift loading times and stellar website performance, crucial for user experience and SEO.
Global Settings & Pre-Built Templates: Maintain brand coherence across your site with global settings, and expedite the design process with a vast array of ready-to-use templates.
Why Choose Breakdance?

Selecting Breakdance as your WordPress page builder translates to tapping into a wellspring of features and performance. The tool not only simplifies the web design process but also ensures that the end results are captivating, highly functional, and optimized for success.

Key Offerings:

130+ Built-In Elements: Dive into a world of endless customization possibilities.
Superior Performance & SEO: Experience lightning-fast load times and a site that’s ready to rank.
Dynamic Data & Conditions: Integrate and display your data seamlessly across your site.

Embrace the future of WordPress design with Breakdance. Whether you’re crafting a simple blog or a complex e-commerce platform, Breakdance stands as a formidable ally, ensuring that your site not only meets but exceeds modern web standards. So, gear up and get ready to break the limits with Breakdance!

Price $99.99 1



Divi – A Comprehensive Overview for WordPress Devotees


Divi, a flagship offering from Elegant Themes, stands tall as a comprehensive solution to website design without the complexities of coding. Designed for WordPress, it empowers users with a smooth, drag-and-drop mechanism, delivering a genuine WYSIWYG design experience either from the front-end or back-end.

Key Features:

Visual Builder: Effortless drag-and-drop visual designing.
Design Elements: A whopping 200+ modules, catering to a vast array of content needs – from filterable galleries and email opt-ins to native WooCommerce modules.
Expansive Layout Library: Immediate access to 2,000+ layouts and 300+ complete website packs to jump-start your designs.
Customization Prowess: Tweak and fine-tune elements using a plethora of design options like hover states, transform effects, sticky elements, and dynamic content, to name a few.
Third-Party Integrations: Direct compatibility with popular WordPress plugins, streamlining workflows across various online services.
SEO Integration: Real-time SEO optimization through RankMath integration.
Divi Theme Builder: A centralized system granting full control over global designs – from headers, footers to diverse page templates.
Membership Benefits: A single paid membership furnishes users with the complete Divi suite, and other premium tools like Bloom and Monarch, all without hidden charges.
Collaboration & Role Management: Divi Teams facilitate team collaboration, and user role assignments.
Ecosystem Growth: The Elegant Themes Marketplace encourages third-party development, fostering community-driven growth.
Divi’s Theme Builder – Dive Deeper:

The Divi Theme Builder isn’t just about creating templates; it’s about holistic design control. Users can craft, import, and export entire template sets, offering a cloud-backed child theme system. Plus, the Elegant Themes blog serves as a gold mine, periodically updating with free templates.


If you’re an agency, a freelancer, a small business owner, or an e-commerce enthusiast, Divi has the breadth and depth to cater to your needs. The vast array of design resources, coupled with a competitive price tag, makes Divi a potent tool in your arsenal. However, potential users should note that a freemium variant of Divi isn’t available.

Price $89

Divi Page Builder


Beaver Builder – An Overview for WordPress Enthusiasts


Beaver Builder stands out in the WordPress page builder space with its straightforward, no-nonsense approach. It’s especially suitable for those new to the WordPress ecosystem, given its lightweight nature and focus on core essentials. Compatible with most WordPress themes, Beaver Builder delivers a simple, efficient drag-and-drop building experience.

Key Features:

Drag-and-Drop Builder: Simplified, user-friendly website design without coding.
Modules Library: Over 30 advanced modules, such as maps, contact forms, icon groups, and more.
Template Collection: Access to 25+ landing page templates and 40+ content page templates.
Plugin Integrations: Seamless integration with plugins like Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, LifterLMS, LearnDash, and MemberPress.
Unlimited Site Usage: No restrictions on the number of sites you can build.
Cloud Storage: Use Assistant Pro add-on for storing and managing assets.
Theme Builder: Full site editing capabilities, including designs for blog archives, custom post types, WooCommerce, and more.
White Labeling: Offer Beaver Builder under your brand name (available in the Agency plan).
Revision History: Safely experiment with designs and revert to previous versions if needed.
Highlight – Integration with LifterLMS:

Beaver Builder’s compatibility with LifterLMS is a game-changer. Users can craft unique course and lesson layouts leveraging Beaver Builder’s drag-and-drop functionalities, enhancing the e-learning experience.


Beaver Builder is an ideal choice for those prioritizing ease of use and compatibility. It shines particularly for sites leveraging membership or LMS plugins and those relying on custom post types. If you’re on the hunt for a streamlined builder that meshes well with various WordPress tools, Beaver Builder is worth a closer look.

Price $99 1

Beaver Builder


Elementor – Unleashing the Power of Visual Design in WordPress


Delve into the world of Elementor, a leading freemium page builder for WordPress, favored by millions worldwide. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, creating visually stunning, custom pages sans coding has never been easier. Featuring real-time previews, Elementor ensures what you see is truly what you get.

Key Features:

Visual Drag-and-Drop Builder: Craft breathtaking websites effortlessly.
Vast Design Widgets: Over 100 widgets at your disposal to customize every corner of your page.
Template Galore: 300+ ready-to-use templates to jumpstart your design process.
Collaborative Approach: Enhance team synergy with front-end comments and notes.
Global Design Paradigm: Implement site-wide designs with global design settings.
Popup Prowess: A robust popup builder enables triggered popups based on user actions or events.
WooCommerce Wizardry: With 20+ widgets, tailor your eCommerce pages as per your vision.
Dynamic Content Avenues: Keep content vibrant and ever-evolving.
Mobile-First Design: Guarantee impeccable viewing across devices with responsive design tweaks.
Expansive Template Library: Including pre-designed blocks to simplify design.
Third-Party Add-On Ecosystem: Enrich functionality with a plethora of available third-party enhancements.
Deep Dive into Elementor’s Theme Library:

Elementor’s Theme Builder takes customization to the next echelon, empowering users to modify every facet of their site, be it headers, footers, posts, archives, or WooCommerce templates. Every site component is at the mercy of your design prowess – add, modify, or delete as per your whim, all without the need for coding.

Why Opt for Elementor?

Elementor emerges as a potent choice for those seeking a comprehensive preview before diving into the paid features. Their scalable plans cater to an individual’s personal blog to expansive agency requirements. While its design reservoir may not outshine Divi, its available elements and layouts firmly establish it as a formidable contender. For freelancers or agencies with a penchant for crafting multiple sites, a careful cost-benefit analysis against Divi would be prudent.

Price $59 1

Elementor Page Builder


Oxygen Builder – Advanced WordPress Page Builder Overview


Dive deep into the world of Oxygen Builder, an advanced drag-and-drop solution for WordPress websites. With an unparalleled focus on performance, clean coding, and seamless responsiveness, Oxygen Builder distinguishes itself as a robust tool for WordPress aficionados. It even carves a niche by allowing users to create and modify Gutenberg blocks directly within its builder.

Key Features:

Streamlined Code Generation: Experience enhanced performance and speed, thanks to the clean and bloat-free code generation.
Flexbox & CSS Grid Integration: Assures responsive designs, enabling sites to shine across devices.
Customizable Responsiveness: Total control over responsive breakpoints, ensuring flawless column stacking for mobiles.
Google Font Management: The Font Face Limiter aids in optimal font selection for design aesthetics.
WooCommerce Elements: Over 20 configurable elements cater to online stores, paired with Global styling options.
Client-Centric Access Control: Tailor what your clients can access and modify.
Gutenberg Block Mastery: With the Ultimate package, seamlessly build and tweak Gutenberg blocks.
Composite Elements Galore: Ultimate package users can integrate flip boxes, mega menus, table of contents, and more.
Dynamic Data Display: Harness WordPress data or custom data via ACF or Toolset for real-time display.
Animation Options: Enrich user experience with global and page-specific scroll and entrance animations.
A Comparative Look at Code Optimization:

Oxygen Builder stands out in the arena of code generation. It’s reputed for creating crisp and efficient code, devoid of superfluous elements. This ensures rapid page loading times, ultimately translating into commendable Google PageSpeed & Lighthouse test outcomes. Oxygen Builder’s methodology of loading only the essential scripts and styles fortifies website performance, ensuring a blend of aesthetic appeal and optimal functionality.

Why Oxygen Builder is a Game-Changer:

Targeted towards design enthusiasts and developers prioritizing performance, Oxygen Builder offers unprecedented control over WordPress website construction. Its unique capability to manipulate Gutenberg blocks offers an edge over its counterparts. While it demands an initial learning curve and may not boast a plethora of design elements, its customizability and performance-centric architecture make it a worthy choice for those seeking perfection in every pixel.

Price $129

Oxygen Page Builder


SeedProd – A Closer Look at the Landing Page Specialist


Heralding a new era of web design for digital marketers and solo entrepreneurs, SeedProd emerges as a WordPress page builder with a dedicated focus. Boasting a user base exceeding a million, this freemium page builder plugin stands out particularly for crafting high-converting landing pages.

Key Features:

Live Editing Experience: Dive into a real-time drag-and-drop design realm, enabling the creation of diverse pages or all-encompassing themes.

Builder Interface: Evoking reminiscences of Elementor, SeedProd simplifies content construction using its vast array of design blocks.

Comprehensive Block Collection: While the free variant offers a foundational set, the pro version takes it up a notch with 90+ blocks tailored for both static and dynamic content displays.

Tailored Landing Pages: Despite having fewer templates than some competitors, SeedProd excels in offering curated landing pages, maintenance screens, and lead-generation optimized designs. Access to a more extensive set of 150+ templates necessitates upgrading.

Email Marketing Integration: SeedProd seamlessly syncs with leading email marketing solutions, reinforcing your email list building endeavors.

WooCommerce Support: Dive into the world of e-commerce with native WooCommerce blocks. Full-fledged support, however, requires the highest tier upgrade.

Added Benefits:

Domain Mapping: A game-changer allowing landing pages to be directed to any chosen domain, eliminating extra WordPress installations.
Stealth Mode: Work on your pages privately, keeping your under-construction pages concealed with the draft mode.
Effortless Duplication: Transport sections across pages or websites, ensuring media files are automatically imported.
Readiness Modes: Built-in features for ‘Coming Soon’ and ‘Maintenance’ screens.
Deep Dive into Domain Mapping:

Domain Mapping is not just a feature; it’s a strategy. It facilitates the creation of landing pages linked to any chosen domain, removing the need for extra WordPress installations. The end game? A customized domain name for every SeedProd landing page, steering visitors seamlessly. This not only enhances conversion rates but also bolsters SEO positioning.

Why SeedProd Stands Out:

SeedProd is the go-to for those on the hunt for an economically priced page builder, especially when the primary goal is crafting high-converting landing pages. While it holds its own in full-site design, those exploring holistic website builders might find more pocket-friendly and feature-rich alternatives elsewhere.

Price starting at $39.50 1



Visual Composer – A Deep Dive into WordPress Page Building


Visual Composer stands as a transformative tool in the realm of WordPress design. With its streamlined drag-and-drop capabilities, this page builder is poised to elevate the standards of web design, securing a formidable position in the page builder marketplace.

Key Features:

Flexibility: Offered in both standard and premium variants, it caters to diverse user requirements and design aspirations.

Diverse Design Elements: The foundational set in the standard version gets a monumental boost in the premium, with over 500 design elements and templates.

The Hub Experience: A reservoir of design components, layouts, and more, complete with the advantage of sourcing stock imagery and GIFs.

Wholistic Web Crafting: Venture beyond traditional page design with all-encompassing site editing and theme construction in the premium edition.

Interactive Pop-Up Design: Craft tailor-made pop-ups, embedded with triggers and animations, for an immersive user experience.

Real-Time SEO Feedback: In-built SEO guidance, available even in the free edition, ensuring content always meets optimization standards.

Effortless Plugin Synchronization: Integration with popular WordPress plugins is made seamless with the expansive add-on gallery.

WooCommerce Tailoring: Curate a distinctive online shopping ambiance with specialized design elements and templates.

Why Opt for Visual Composer?

Simplified Design Process: The drag-and-drop interface ensures a hassle-free, intuitive design journey.

Treasure Trove of Resources: An extensive collection of templates, elements, and tools await every designer.

Mobile Responsiveness: Guaranteeing a uniform, glitch-free user experience across all device types.

Value Proposition: A consistent set of features across all premium tiers ensures users derive maximum benefit.

Elevate Your WordPress Design with Visual Composer:

Stepping into the world of Visual Composer is akin to unlocking a new dimension in WordPress design. Perfectly suited for both the uninitiated and seasoned web designers, it arms users with a comprehensive suite to bring visually compelling, SEO-centric websites to life. Its innovative approach, backed by a vast resource arsenal, firmly places Visual Composer as a top contender for anyone serious about WordPress design.

Price $49 1

Visual Composer


Thrive Architect Overview


Thrive Architect is a premium page builder tool from ThriveThemes, designed to elevate the website building experience. As a part of the Thrive Suite, it stands out with its emphasis on conversion optimization, making it a go-to choice for marketers and businesses aiming to boost their online conversions.

Key Features:

Conversion-Focused Templates:

Access to over 400 professionally designed templates that prioritize conversions, ensuring that your pages not only look good but also perform well.
Marketing Elements:

Unique elements like countdown timers, testimonials, and pricing tables that are tailored to enhance the marketing appeal of your pages.
Lead Generation Tools:

Built-in opt-in forms, popups, and other tools that seamlessly integrate with popular email marketing platforms, streamlining your lead generation process.
Smart Landing Pages:

Design landing pages that adapt based on visitor data, such as search terms or location, providing a personalized user experience.
A/B Testing:

Optimize your pages for the best results with the integrated A/B testing feature, allowing you to make informed decisions based on real data.
Analytics and Tracking:

Dive deep into the performance of your pages with comprehensive analytics, helping you understand user behavior and refine your strategies.
Landing Page Gallery:

A vast collection of 352 landing page templates, each crafted with a focus on driving conversions across various niches and purposes.

Who Should Use Thrive Architect?

Marketers and Entrepreneurs: With its conversion-centric approach, Thrive Architect is a perfect fit for individuals and businesses aiming to maximize their online leads and sales.
Bloggers: Those looking to grow their email list or promote specific products can benefit from the tool’s lead generation features.
Designers: While Thrive Architect offers a plethora of design options, it’s primarily geared towards conversion. Designers looking for extensive design flexibility might want to explore further.


Thrive Architect is more than just a page builder; it’s a comprehensive tool for creating web pages that convert. Its array of conversion-focused features, combined with ease of use, makes it a valuable asset for anyone serious about online marketing. Whether you’re launching a new product, growing your email list, or setting up a webinar, Thrive Architect has the tools and templates to help you achieve your goals. If conversions are your priority, Thrive Architect is worth considering.

Price $ 99

Thrive Architect


Brizy – Page Builder Overview


Brizy is a modern WordPress page builder designed for the creation of “next-gen” websites. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, Brizy offers a unique and efficient approach to website design, making it a strong contender in the page builder market.

Key Features:


Available both as a WordPress plugin and a cloud-hosted platform, catering to different user needs.
Visual Elements:

Offers 36+ powerful elements to enhance the design and functionality of your pages.
Design Templates:

Access to 100+ mobile-optimized design templates, crafted with a focus on conversions.
Blocks Design Kit:

Over 500 pre-designed element blocks that are conversion-focused, allowing for quick page assembly.
Icon Library:

A vast collection of 4000+ premium icons in both glyph and outline styles to enhance your designs.
Animation Features:

Add dynamic flair to your pages with on-entry effects, scroll reveals, and Lottie animations.
Image Customization:

The Zoom & Focus feature lets you highlight specific parts of your images for better visual storytelling.
Web Stories:

Create engaging, mobile-optimized swipeable mini-sites & landing pages.
Integration with Marketing Apps:

Seamless integration with popular marketing tools like Convertkit, Hubspot, Zapier, and ActiveCampaign.
WooCommerce Compatibility:
14 visual elements specifically designed for building WooCommerce stores.
Granular Customization:
Brizy’s Theme Builder functionality allows for in-depth customization of all WordPress CMS sections.

Why Choose Brizy?

Intuitive Design: Brizy’s freehand positioning sets it apart, offering a unique design experience compared to other builders.
Resource-Rich: With layout packs, landing pages, block kits, and popup design templates, Brizy offers a plethora of design resources.
Mobile Optimization: All templates and designs are optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a seamless user experience across platforms.
Affordability: While competitive for individual designers, those looking to build multiple sites or complex projects might find the pricing a bit steep.


Brizy is a forward-thinking page builder that combines ease of use with a rich set of features. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned designer, Brizy offers tools that can help you craft stunning, conversion-optimized websites. Its unique approach to design, combined with its vast library of resources, makes it a worthy choice for those looking to elevate their WordPress design game.

Price $60 1

Brizy – Page Builder

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