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Best WordPress Email Marketing Plugins

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  • Integrated Newsletter Builder
  • Scheduling & Automation
  • Subscriber Management
  • Segmentation
  • Templates
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Analytics
  • Google Analytics Integration PRO
  • Well documented
  • Read more
  • Integration with WordPress
  • Drag and Drop Builder
  • Unlimited Capabilities
  • Spam Protection
  • Translation & GDPR Ready
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Customizable Themes & Widgets
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Addons PRO
  • Well documented
  • Read more
  • User-Friendly Dashboard
  • Spam Protection
  • Unlimited Forms, Lists, Newsletters
  • Notifications
  • Intuitive Editors
  • Personalized Emails
  • Time-Zone Scheduling
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • List Unsubscribe PRO
  • Spammer Blacklist PRO
  • Unsubscribe Feedback PRO
  • Resend Confirmation Email PRO
  • Well documented
  • Read more
  • WordPress Newsletter
  • Subscriber Management
  • Content Delivery
  • Special Campaigns
  • Follow Up/Drip Campaigns
  • 400+ Templates
  • Data Import Feature
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Personalization
  • Insights and Reporting
  • Well documented
  • Read more
  • Automated Email Reminders
  • Ready-Made Email Templates
  • Add-to-Cart Popup
  • Exit Popups
  • Dynamic Coupon Codes
  • Drag and Drop Email Editor
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • Well documented
  • Read more
  • Flexible Coupon Features
  • Store Credit Option
  • Gift Coupons
  • Mass Coupon Generation
  • Integration Capabilities
  • Wishlist Feature
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Well documented
  • Read more

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Best WordPress Email Marketing Plugins Index

The Top Picks for the Best WordPress Email Marketing Plugins in 2023

In the opening paragraph, provide a brief overview of the importance of email marketing plugins in enhancing WordPress websites. Mention how choosing the best WordPress email marketing plugins can revolutionize email marketing strategies for businesses.

Understanding the Significance of Email Marketing

Delve into the roots of email marketing and its evolution over time. Discuss how WordPress has facilitated email marketing through a variety of plugins.

Why Opt for WordPress for Your Email Marketing Needs?

Discuss the benefits of using WordPress for email marketing, focusing on the flexibility and variety of plugins available.

What Makes a WordPress Email Marketing Plugin the Best?

Provide insights into the essential features that qualify a plugin as the best. Focus on aspects such as user-friendliness, integration capabilities, and analytical tools.

Analytical Tools and Their Importance

Detail the role of analytical tools in email marketing. Discuss how these tools can help businesses in optimizing their marketing strategies.

Integration: The Hallmark of the Best WordPress Email Marketing Plugins

Highlight the importance of integration features in plugins. Describe how seamless integration can enhance the functionality and efficiency of WordPress sites.

The Role of Automation in Email Marketing

Detail the benefits of automation in email marketing. Focus on how it can save time and improve engagement rates.

Optimizing Email Campaigns with the Best WordPress Plugins

Discuss strategies to optimize email campaigns using WordPress plugins. Provide tips without mentioning specific products.

Segmentation and Personalization: A Must-Have Feature

Elaborate on the importance of segmentation and personalization in email marketing. Talk about how these features can help in targeting the right audience.

The Future of Email Marketing: What to Expect?

Discuss potential future trends in email marketing. Mention how the best WordPress email marketing plugins can adapt to these changes without specifying products.

AI and Email Marketing: A Winning Combination

Highlight the role of AI in enhancing email marketing strategies. Mention how utilizing AI can be a game-changer in email marketing.


Summarize the key points discussed in the article. Reiterate the importance of choosing the best WordPress email marketing plugins to enhance email marketing strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are the core features to look for in a WordPress email marketing plugin?

A1: Describe the core features one should look for when choosing a plugin, emphasizing features like integration capabilities and analytical tools.

Q2: How can I ensure that I am choosing the best WordPress email marketing plugin?

A2: Provide tips on selecting the best plugin, focusing on understanding one’s individual needs and researching different plugins’ features.

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Advanced description of the Best WordPress Email Marketing Plugins


MailPoet Overview


MailPoet is a comprehensive email marketing solution designed specifically for WordPress users. It allows you to manage, create, and grow your email campaigns directly from your WordPress dashboard, making it a seamless experience for website owners.

Key Features:

Integrated Newsletter Builder:

Craft beautiful emails using the integrated newsletter builder that offers responsive templates for optimal display on all devices.
Scheduling & Automation:

Schedule newsletters, send them instantly, or automate new blog post notifications.
Subscriber Management:

Easily manage subscribers and lists directly within WordPress.
Automated Emails:

Send welcome emails and set up automated post notifications.

Segment subscribers based on behavior and interests for targeted campaigns.

Access pre-built email and subscription form templates, or customize them to fit your brand.
WooCommerce Integration:

Send WooCommerce-specific emails like abandoned cart reminders, first purchase acknowledgments, and more. Customize transactional emails for a consistent brand experience.
MailPoet Sending Service:

Ensure reliable email delivery with the MailPoet Sending Service. This service guarantees higher delivery rates and avoids the pitfalls of sending emails via traditional hosting.

Monitor basic engagement statistics for free, with detailed analytics available in the paid plan.
Advanced Features:
Paid plans offer multi-condition segmentation, Google Analytics integration, and priority customer support.

Why Use MailPoet?

User-Friendly: Designed for WordPress, it offers an intuitive interface that requires no additional configuration.
High Delivery Rates: With the MailPoet Sending Service, emails reach the inbox, not the spam folder.
GDPR Compliant: Ensures user data protection in line with GDPR regulations.
Scalability: Free for up to 1,000 subscribers, with advanced features available for growing businesses.
WooCommerce Enhanced: Boost sales and improve customer relations with WooCommerce-specific email features.

MailPoet Sending Service:

MailPoet recognizes the challenges of sending emails via traditional hosts. To address this, they offer the MailPoet Sending Service. This service ensures:

Emails reach the intended inbox and not the spam folder.
Rapid email sending, with the capability to send up to 50,000 emails per hour.
Maintenance of sender reputation through automated handling of bounces and complaints.
Email authentication with SPF and DKIM to enhance deliverability.
Setting up the MailPoet Sending Service is straightforward, requiring only a key input in the WordPress dashboard.


MailPoet stands out as a holistic email marketing solution for WordPress users. Its integration with WooCommerce, advanced sending service, and user-friendly interface make it a top choice for businesses looking to enhance their email marketing efforts. Whether you’re just starting out or are an established business, MailPoet offers features to cater to your email marketing needs.

Price $20

MailPoet – Newsletters, Email Marketing, and Automation


Newsletter Plugin for WordPress: A Comprehensive Overview


The Newsletter Plugin is a powerful email marketing tool designed specifically for WordPress users. It offers an array of features that make creating, sending, and tracking emails straightforward and efficient. With its user-friendly interface, the plugin ensures that email marketing is hassle-free.

Key Features:

Drag and Drop Composer:

Easily create responsive newsletters with a redesigned drag and drop composer.
Unlimited Capabilities:

Send unlimited newsletters and track them.
Manage an unlimited number of subscribers and view statistics.
Spam Protection:

Features like domain/ip blacklists, Akismet, and captcha ensure that your subscription list remains spam-free.
Translation & GDPR Ready:

Fully translatable admin panels without the need for .po/.mo files.
GDPR compliant with features like privacy checkboxes.
Advanced Targeting:

Fine-tune your campaigns with advanced list combinations and targeting options.
Integration with WordPress:

Seamless integration with WordPress user registration.
Single and Double Opt-In options for compliance.
Customizable Themes & Widgets:

Personalize your newsletters with customizable themes.
Use widgets, pages, or custom forms for subscriptions.
SMTP Integration:

Compatible with various SMTP plugins for efficient email delivery.
Import & Export:

Easily import subscribers from a file or export them as needed.
HTML & Text Versions:

Send newsletters in both HTML and text formats for wider compatibility.


The Newsletter Plugin can be enhanced with various free and professional addons:

Free Addons:

WP Registration, Archive, Locked Content, Newsletter REST API, Sendinblue, SMTP, Advanced Import, and more.
Professional Addons:

Automated, Autoresponder, Extended Composer Blocks, WooCommerce Integration, Reports, Leads, Amazon SES integration, Contact Form 7 Integration, Ninja Forms Integration, WP Forms Integration, Events Manager Integration, Google Analytics, Subscribe on Comment, Geolocation, and more.

GDPR Compliance:

The Newsletter Plugin is equipped with all the necessary tools to ensure GDPR compliance. It does not collect or access user subscriber data, making it a reliable choice for those concerned about data privacy.


The Newsletter Plugin for WordPress is a comprehensive solution for all email marketing needs. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, this plugin offers features and addons that cater to all requirements. Its focus on user experience, combined with its extensive capabilities, makes it a top choice for WordPress users looking to enhance their email marketing efforts.

Price 1

Newsletter – Send awesome emails from WordPress


Icegram Express: A Comprehensive Overview


Icegram Express is a robust email marketing solution tailored for WordPress and WooCommerce users. It offers a plethora of features that cater to both beginners and advanced users, ensuring seamless email marketing campaigns, subscriber management, and automation.

Key Features:

User-Friendly Dashboards:

Navigate through beginner-friendly dashboards, making email marketing and automation a breeze.
Spam Protection:

Combat spammers with a domain blacklist, ensuring a clean email list.
Unlimited Capabilities:

Create unlimited forms, email lists, newsletters, and send unlimited emails without any restrictions.
Broadcast & Post Notifications:

Send bulk messages or schedule them. Keep subscribers updated with automated post notification emails.
Intuitive Editors:

Customize emails with a WYSIWYG editor or use HTML for advanced designs.
Personalized Emails:

Enhance engagement by personalizing emails with dynamic shortcodes.
Time-Zone Scheduling:

Improve open rates by scheduling emails based on subscriber time zones.
White-Labeled Emails:

Send emails without the “Powered By” branding, ensuring a professional look.
WooCommerce Integration:

Engage with customers by recovering abandoned carts, sending welcome emails, and more.
SMTP & ESP Integration:

Seamlessly integrate with popular SMTP plugins and Email Service Providers for efficient email delivery.
Forms Plugin Compatibility:

Integrate with popular form plugins like Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, and more.
LMS & Membership Plugin Integration:

Sync contacts from platforms like LearnDash LMS, MemberPress, and others for targeted campaigns.
Unlimited Contact Storage:

Store contacts on your server, ensuring data privacy and easy import/export capabilities.
Opt-In Choices:

Choose between single or double opt-in for GDPR compliance and list integrity.
REST API Integration:

Easily integrate with third-party platforms using REST APIs.
Admin Notifications:

Stay updated with instant notifications for sent campaigns or triggered events.
Performance & Security:

Ensure high-speed email delivery, prevent spam, and scale as your audience grows without compromising on security.


Icegram Express stands out as a comprehensive email marketing solution for WordPress users. Its vast array of features, combined with its user-friendly interface, makes it a top choice for businesses, bloggers, and e-commerce store owners. Whether you’re looking to engage subscribers, automate campaigns, or integrate with other plugins, Icegram Express provides all the tools you need for successful email marketing.

Price $129 1

Icegram Express – Email Marketing, Newsletters and Automation for WordPress & WooCommerce


Mailster: A Comprehensive Overview


Mailster is a versatile Email Newsletter Plugin tailored for WordPress users. It offers a streamlined approach to creating, sending, and monitoring newsletter campaigns, ensuring that users can engage their audience without any complications.

Key Features:

Subscriber Management:

Easily capture subscribers directly from your website or blog, ensuring a growing list of engaged users.
Content Delivery:

Automatically send out your latest posts, products, or any custom post types to your subscribers.
Special Campaigns:

Send personalized welcome emails to new subscribers or birthday campaigns to celebrate your users.
Follow Up/Drip Campaigns:

Engage users over time with automated follow-up or drip email sequences.
Template Access:

Choose from over 400 free and premium email templates to craft the perfect newsletter.
RSS Email Campaigns:

Convert your RSS feeds into email campaigns for automated content delivery.

Seamlessly integrate Mailster with your favorite WordPress plugins for enhanced functionality.
Data Import:

Easily import your existing subscriber data into Mailster.
Multilingual Support:

Available in over 15 languages, catering to a global audience.
GDPR Compliance:

Ensure your email campaigns adhere to GDPR regulations.
Flexible Sending Options:

Send newsletters using any email provider of your choice.
Personalization and Segmentation:

Use merge tags for personalized content and advanced segmentation to target specific user groups.
Insights and Reporting:

Gain insights into your newsletter campaigns, view reports, and understand user engagement.

Set up auto-responders and leverage email marketing automation to engage users at the right time.
Full Data Control:

Have complete control over your data, ensuring privacy and security.
Public Archive:

Allow users to view a public archive of your latest newsletters.
Capability Management:

Manage user roles and capabilities within the plugin.

Mailster is built with developers in mind, offering flexibility and customization options.


Mailster stands out as a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for email marketing within the WordPress ecosystem. Its extensive feature set, combined with its ease of use, makes it a top choice for website owners looking to engage their audience through email campaigns. Whether you’re a blogger, e-commerce store owner, or a business, Mailster provides the tools you need to connect with your audience effectively.

Price $119

Mailster – Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress


Retainful: A Comprehensive Overview


Retainful is a powerful WooCommerce plugin designed to tackle the prevalent issue of cart abandonment in online stores. By automating email reminders and offering a suite of marketing tools, Retainful aims to not only recover abandoned carts but also foster customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

Key Features:

1. Automated Email Reminders:

Sends a series of scheduled emails to users who have abandoned their carts.
Stops sending reminders once the cart is recovered, ensuring no spamming.
Premium plans offer enhanced features like capturing user emails on-site.
2. Ready-Made Email Templates:

Offers a range of pre-designed templates for various email automations, including:Abandoned Cart Recovery Emails
Order Follow-Up Emails
Thank You Emails with Next Order Coupons
Win Back Emails for inactive customers
Welcome Emails for first-time buyers
Referral Campaigns to drive word-of-mouth sales.
3. Conversion Tools:

Add-to-Cart Popup: Captures email addresses early in the checkout process.
Exit Popups: Prevents browse abandonment by offering deals or capturing emails.
Dynamic Coupon Codes: Automatically generates and sends coupon codes in emails to boost conversion rates.
4. Drag and Drop Email Editor:

Customize emails with ease using the intuitive drag-and-drop editor.
Build email campaigns and workflows with the visual Customer Journey builder, allowing for a series of emails based on specific conditions and intervals.
5. Abandoned Cart Recovery:

Addresses the industry challenge where 70-80% of customers abandon their carts.
Aims to recover 40-60% of these carts by sending timely email reminders.

Cart abandonment is a significant challenge for e-commerce businesses, leading to potential revenue loss. Retainful offers a comprehensive solution by automating the process of sending reminders to customers, coupled with a suite of tools designed to enhance the overall shopping experience and drive conversions. With its user-friendly interface, customizable templates, and a range of features, Retainful is an essential plugin for WooCommerce store owners aiming to maximize sales and foster customer loyalty.

Price starting at $9/mo 1



MC Lists Plugin for eCommerce

MC Lists is a robust plugin designed for eCommerce stores aiming to enhance their customer data management. With its advanced targeting and segmentation features, it empowers businesses to craft highly personalized campaigns and offers. By leveraging customer data, including purchase history, abandoned cart details, and behavioral insights, the plugin ensures that marketing strategies are optimized for maximum impact.

Key Features:

BOGO Offers: Entice your customers with Buy One Get One offers, applicable to any product or category, ensuring they perceive immense value in their purchases.
Flexible Coupon Features: Combine various coupon features and restrictions to devise unique deals tailored to your audience’s preferences.
Behavior-Based Coupons: Analyze customer behavior, such as purchase patterns and browsing habits, to create coupons that resonate with their interests, boosting loyalty and conversions.
Store Credit Option: Offer store credits as an alternative to traditional refunds, ensuring customer retention. This feature can also be used to gift credits to loved ones, enhancing the gifting experience.
Gift Coupons: Allow your customers to purchase gift coupons for friends and family. The plugin comes with beautifully crafted email templates to enhance the gifting experience.
Mass Coupon Generation: Effortlessly generate thousands of coupons in bulk. Distribute them to a selected group of customers or export them as a CSV file for external use.
User-Friendly UI Design: The intuitive user interface ensures that even those without technical expertise can navigate and utilize the plugin’s features with ease.
Integration Capabilities: Seamlessly integrate MC Lists with popular eCommerce platforms and email marketing tools, ensuring a cohesive marketing strategy.
Targeted Email and SMS Campaigns: Use the plugin to send custom email campaigns and SMS messages to specific segments of your customer base, ensuring relevant communication.
Detailed Reporting and Analytics: Gain insights into the performance of your campaigns with comprehensive reports and analytics, helping you refine your strategies for better results.

Personalized Marketing: Craft campaigns that resonate with individual customer preferences, ensuring higher engagement and conversion rates.
Enhanced Customer Loyalty: By offering tailored deals and offers, ensure that your customers feel valued and are more likely to return for repeat purchases.
Optimized Marketing Strategies: With detailed analytics, understand what works and what doesn’t, allowing for continuous optimization of marketing efforts.
Increased Revenue: By targeting abandoned carts and leveraging behavior data, recover potential lost sales and boost overall revenue.

MC Lists plugin is a game-changer for eCommerce businesses aiming to harness the power of customer data. With its comprehensive features and user-friendly design, it offers businesses the tools they need to craft highly effective marketing campaigns. Whether you’re looking to boost sales, increase customer loyalty, or simply offer more value to your customers, MC Lists is the tool to help you achieve those goals.

Price $95

MC Lists Plugin

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