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Hier findest du die besten Zahlungsanbieter für deinen Woocommerce Shop im Vergleich und mit direktem Downloadlink sowie einer Plugin-guru Bewertung
  • User Reviews
  • Customization Options
  • Monetization and Affiliate Options
  • Gutenberg Integration
  • Default Options and Widgets
  • Shortcodes
  • Migration Tool
  • Rich Snippet schema markup
  • Unlimited Widgets and Connections
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Responsive Slider
  • Collect New Google Reviews
  • Multiple Display Options
  • Custom Reviews Display
  • Customization
  • All Google Review PRO
  • Connection PRO
  • More Themes and Layouts PRO
  • Unique Customization PRO
  • Filtering and Sorting PRO
  • Blocks, Shortcodes, and Widgets
  • Pin Best Review
  • Verified Reviews
  • Approval System
  • User Restriction
  • Elementor and Gutenberg Support
  • Multi-Language
  • SPAM Protection
  • Schema Integration
  • Update reviews PRO
  • Review Filters PRO
  • Create custom review forms PRO
  • Review Images PRO
  • Well documented
  • Read more
  • Review Editing
  • Responses
  • Moderation Control
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Anti-spam
  • Customizable Fields
  • Rich Snippets
  • 26+ Additional blocks for Gutenberg
  • Advanced features like visibility conditions
  • Custom CSS
  • The Visibility Condition
  • Export Option
  • Advanced security PRO
  • IP and Geo-blocking PRO
  • Enhanced content protection PRO
  • PayPal paywall PRO
  • Image Watermarks PRO
  • Well documented
  • Read more
  • Filtering by Rating
  • Review Sorting
  • Review Qualifiers
  • Media Attachments
  • Flagging System
  • Badges for Official Responses
  • Notification System
  • Support for Vendors
  • Well documented
  • Read more

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Best WordPress Rating and Review Plugins Index

Your Essential Guide to the Best WordPress Rating and Review Plugins

WordPress has been a dominant force in the world of online content management for years, and its vast library of plugins is a testament to its flexibility. Among these plugins, those that manage ratings and reviews hold a special place. When seeking the best WordPress rating and review plugins, there are myriad considerations. Dive in with us as we explore this crucial aspect of modern websites.

Why Prioritize Rating and Review Plugins?

Before diving into the specifics, it’s vital to understand the weight of ratings and reviews in today’s digital landscape:

  • Build trust with your audience
  • Provide social proof of product or service quality
  • Enhance SEO with fresh, user-generated content
  • Facilitate better customer-to-business interactions

The right WordPress rating and review plugins can seamlessly integrate these benefits into your website, enriching user experience and boosting credibility.

Essential Features in Top WordPress Rating and Review Plugins

What differentiates an average plugin from the best in the business? Here are key features to watch out for:

  1. Customization Capabilities: Flexibility in adjusting the design and behavior to match your site’s theme and ethos.
  2. Anti-spam Mechanisms: Filters and protection to keep irrelevant or malicious content at bay.
  3. Rich Snippets: Integration of schema markup to enhance the way your reviews appear in search results.
  4. Responsive Design: Ensuring that reviews and rating systems display perfectly across all devices.

Ratings and Reviews: More Than Just Stars

Ratings and reviews have evolved over the years. It’s not just about the star ratings anymore. Detailed reviews, user photos, pros and cons lists, and more, add depth and authenticity. The best WordPress rating and review plugins recognize this diversity and allow for such multifaceted interactions.

SEO Benefits of Integrating Rating and Review Plugins

Ratings and reviews, beyond their direct benefits, play a significant role in search engine optimization. Search engines view websites with frequent updates and user-generated content favorably. By regularly accruing reviews, you signal to search engines that your site is active, valuable, and should be ranked higher. Furthermore, positive reviews can boost click-through rates from the search results page, a win-win for website owners.

Selecting the Perfect Plugin for Your WordPress Site

While the quest for the best WordPress rating and review plugins is universal, the final choice remains subjective. Factors such as the nature of your website, your audience, and your technical prowess will influence this decision. We recommend trying out a few plugins, exploring their features, and gauging their ease of use before committing.


In the digital age, where online reputation is paramount, integrating a robust rating and review system into your WordPress website is not just beneficial; it’s essential. The best plugins will strike a balance between functionality, user-friendliness, and aesthetic appeal.

While this guide offers a broad overview, always keep your unique needs at the forefront. After all, the goal is to enhance your website’s user experience and your brand’s online reputation. Choose wisely, and may your quest for the ultimate rating and review plugin be successful!

For more detailed insights, tutorials, and recommendations on WordPress and its vast ecosystem, keep exploring our website. Your success is our mission.

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Advanced description of the Best WordPress Rating and Review Plugins


Let’s Review WordPress Plugin With Affiliate Options – Comprehensive Overview

Overview: Let’s Review is a versatile and user-friendly WordPress plugin designed to add aesthetically pleasing, responsive, and modern review boxes to your posts. It seamlessly integrates with Gutenberg, offering various exclusive Gutenberg review blocks, making the process of adding detailed and engaging review boxes easier than ever before.

User-Friendliness: With its logical and professionally designed backend system, Let’s Review ensures a user-friendly experience, even for beginners. The plugin features numerous illustrated options and efficient drag-and-drop capabilities, allowing you to add unlimited criteria, pros, and cons effortlessly.

Monetization and Affiliate Options: Let’s Review excels in providing opportunities for monetization through its affiliate options. You can incorporate unlimited modern affiliate buttons with unique animations directly into your reviews, enhancing your potential for revenue generation.

Format and Customization Options: The plugin offers a wide range of format options, including Percentage, Points, Stars, Custom Icon, and Custom Image. With the Custom Icon option, you can input any HTML code for icons, and thanks to the integrated FontAwesome (which can be disabled if desired), you have access to over 628 icons. The Custom Image option allows you to upload any image, which the plugin then displays in various sections with automated animation effects.

User Reviews and Engagement: Boost engagement on your site by enabling visitors to submit their own comprehensive reviews through an elegant integration with the WordPress comments system. A modern thumbs up/down system is also integrated into the comments, allowing visitors to rate the helpfulness of other reviews.

Gutenberg Integration: Let’s Review is Gutenberg ready, providing various review blocks that make adding review boxes quick and straightforward, eliminating the need for complicated shortcodes.

Default Options and Widgets: Save time with the default options section, setting your preferences for various elements including design, animation type, and criteria. The powerful Let’s Review widget offers multiple design options, order preferences, and filters to enhance your site’s functionality.

Shortcodes and Support: The plugin includes multiple powerful shortcodes and a handy shortcode tool added to the editor toolbar, simplifying the process of inserting review boxes. Top-class support ensures any issues are promptly resolved, underlining the plugin’s reliability.

Migration Tool and Language Support: Effortlessly convert reviews from other themes or plugins with the migration tool. Let’s Review is fully translatable into any language (including RTL languages) and comes with complete French and Spanish translation files.

SEO and Clean Code: Benefit from valid review rich snippet schema markup, helping to improve CTR from search engines. The plugin is developed with clean code, ensuring excellent performance, theme compatibility, and future-proofing for upcoming WordPress versions.

Additional Features: Showcase additional product images with the optional gallery feature, creating a visually appealing full-screen slideshow for users.

Conclusion: Let’s Review stands out as an extensive and user-friendly WordPress review plugin, packed with features aimed at enhancing user engagement, facilitating monetization, and improving the overall user experience on your website. With its modern design, extensive customization options, and robust affiliate integration, it is an excellent choice for anyone looking to add comprehensive review boxes to their WordPress site.

Price $29

Let’s Review WordPress Plugin


The “Plugin for Google Reviews” is a powerful tool designed to showcase Google Business Reviews directly on your WordPress website, ensuring authenticity and compliance with Google’s standards through official API usage. This plugin enhances customer trust, potentially leading to increased sales and improved business credibility.

Key Features of the Free Version
1. Unlimited Widgets and Connections: Connect multiple Google places and display reviews through various widgets without limitations.

2. GDPR Compliant: Ensures full compliance with GDPR, with no external calls made.

3. Auto-Update Functionality: All Google ratings and reviews connected to your site are automatically updated.

4. Responsive Slider: A visually appealing and responsive slider that works seamlessly across devices.

5. Collect New Google Reviews: Encourage customers to leave reviews and increase your Google rating with a ‘review us on G’ button.

6. Multiple Display Options: Use a slider, list layout, or just show a rating badge. Compatible with various page builders and widgets.

7. Control Over Reviews Display: Choose which reviews to display and upload your own Google business photo.

8. Advanced Customization: Customize the layout further with additional CSS and multi-language support.

9. Performance Optimized: Zero load time with optimized assets, SVG support, and lazy load images.

Business Version Enhancements
1. Access to All Google Reviews: Retrieve all reviews via the official Google My Business (GMB) API, ensuring constant automatic updates.

2. Easy Connection: Log in through your GMB owner account for easy setup and connection of reviews.

3. Enhanced Themes and Layouts: Gain access to additional themes like the Flash theme, and beautiful layouts including list, grid, slider, and embedded badges.

4. Unique Customization: Create your own layout with a custom rating and reviews template.

5. Mix and Match Reviews: Combine ratings and reviews from different platforms like Google, Facebook, and Yelp.

6. Advanced Filtering and Sorting: Utilize filters to show or hide specific reviews, sort by recent, oldest, or rating, and even prioritize certain reviews.

7. Priority Support: Receive dedicated support to ensure the optimal performance of your plugin.

The “Plugin for Google Reviews” for WordPress stands out as a robust solution for businesses looking to display authentic Google reviews on their site. With its extensive list of features, customization options, and performance optimizations, both the free and business versions offer a comprehensive set of tools to enhance user trust and increase sales. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, this plugin provides a reliable and effective way to leverage the power of customer reviews directly on your website.

Price $85 1

Plugin for Google Reviews


Site Reviews is a comprehensive review management plugin for WordPress, modeled after popular review platforms like Amazon, TripAdvisor, and Yelp. It offers a vast array of features and customization options, providing users with everything they need to collect, manage, and display reviews on their website.

Key Features
1. User Interaction and Management
Pin Best Reviews: Highlight your best reviews by pinning them to the top.
Verified Reviews: Mark certain reviews as verified to boost credibility.
Approval System: Ensure quality control by requiring approval before publishing new reviews.
User Restrictions: Require users to be logged in to submit reviews, helping to authenticate submissions.
Respond to Reviews: Engage with your audience by responding directly to their reviews.
2. Customization and Integration
Blocks, Shortcodes, and Widgets: Easily integrate reviews into your site using a variety of methods.
Form Styles: Ensure consistency with your site’s design by matching the review form with popular themes and form plugins.
Elementor and Gutenberg Support: Utilize native widgets and blocks in popular page builders for seamless integration.
Multi-Language and Multisite Support: Cater to a global audience and manage reviews across network installations.
3. Developer and Admin Tools
Backup and Restore: Safeguard your reviews and settings with export/import functionality.
Bayesian Ranking: Sort pages with assigned reviews by rank using the Bayesian algorithm.
Blacklist and SPAM Protection: Protect your site from unwanted submissions with comprehensive SPAM protection and blacklisting capabilities.
Notifications: Stay informed with custom notifications sent to your Discord, Slack, or email when reviews are submitted.
4. SEO and Performance
JSON-LD Schema: Enhance search visibility by displaying reviews and ratings in search results.
Fast and Lightweight: Ensure optimal site performance without sacrificing functionality.
5. WooCommerce and Third-Party Integration
WooCommerce Support: Integrate seamlessly with your WooCommerce products.
GamiPress and myCRED Integration: Incentivize reviews by awarding points with popular gamification plugins.
Import Third-Party Reviews: Bring in reviews from other sources with the built-in CSV importer.

Premium Features
Site Reviews Premium offers even more functionalities and personalized support:

Review Authors: Update reviews from the frontend.
Review Filters: Enhance navigability with sorting, filtering, and search capabilities.
Review Forms: Create custom review forms with extensive field types.
Review Images: Add a visual element to your reviews with images and captions.
Review Notifications: Set up custom notifications and reminders for WooCommerce product purchases.
Review Themes: Customize the design of your reviews with a drag-and-drop builder and display options like carousels or grids.

Site Reviews stands out as a top-tier review management plugin for WordPress, offering a breadth of features unmatched by many free alternatives. With its focus on user interaction, customization, developer support, and performance, it provides everything needed to create a robust and engaging review system on your website. Whether you are running a small blog or a large eCommerce site, Site Reviews offers the tools and functionalities to leverage user-generated content for enhanced credibility, SEO, and user engagement. Plus, with the option to upgrade to the Premium version, you can take your review management to the next level, ensuring a professional and seamless experience for both admins and users.

Price $89 1

Site Reviews


WP Customer Reviews is a robust WordPress plugin designed to facilitate the collection and display of customer testimonials and product reviews on your website. Tailored for compatibility with both WP Multisite and single-site installations, it offers a comprehensive set of features to ensure that user reviews enhance your online presence while providing valuable feedback.

Key Features
1. Compatibility and Usability
WP Multisite and Multiuser Compatibility: Works seamlessly across network installations.
Moderation Control: Maintain the quality of testimonials by moderating submissions.
Search Engine Friendly: Utilizes Schema.org microformat for better SEO performance.
Anti-spam Measures: Equipped with multiple layers of protection against automated spam submissions.
2. Customization and Flexibility
Fully Customizable Fields: Choose which fields to ask for, require, and display.
Shortcode Integration: Easily insert reviews and the review form anywhere on your site using shortcodes.
Theme Compatibility: Works with caching plugins and custom themes, ensuring a consistent look across your site.
External Stylesheet: Modify the appearance to better fit your theme’s design.
3. Management and Interaction
Review Editing: Admin can edit reviews for content and date, ensuring accuracy and relevance.
Admin Responses: Engage with customers by responding to their reviews directly on the site.
Custom Fields Support: Add your own fields to the review form for more tailored data collection.
Multipage and Post Support: Use the plugin on multiple pages or posts, enhancing flexibility.
4. Rich Snippets and SEO
Aggregate Review Microformat: Show a summary of reviews, improving click-through rates from search results.
SEO Friendly: Ensures your reviews contribute positively to your site’s search engine visibility.
Valid XHTML 1.1 and Microformats: Keeps your site compliant with web standards.

Enhanced Credibility: User-generated reviews provide social proof, enhancing trust and credibility.
SEO Boost: Rich snippets and microformats improve visibility in search engine results.
User Engagement: Direct admin responses foster a sense of community and customer care.
Customization: Tailor the review form and display to perfectly match your site’s aesthetic and needs.
Spam Protection: Robust anti-spam measures keep your testimonials authentic and reliable.

Using the Plugin
Setup: Install the plugin and configure settings according to your preferences.
Create a Review Page: Dedicate a page on your site for collecting and displaying reviews.
Moderation: Approve, edit, or respond to reviews as they are submitted.
Display: Use shortcodes to showcase testimonials and the review form across your site.
Customization: Adjust styles and fields as needed to ensure a seamless user experience.

WP Customer Reviews stands out as a comprehensive and flexible solution for managing user-generated testimonials and product reviews on your WordPress site. With its robust feature set, compatibility with various WordPress configurations, and dedication to both user experience and SEO, it is an invaluable tool for businesses looking to leverage the power of customer feedback. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, this plugin provides the tools you need to collect, manage, and display customer reviews efficiently and effectively.

Price 1

WP Customer Reviews


Otter Blocks: Enhancing Gutenberg for a Superior WordPress Experience

Introduction: In the evolving landscape of WordPress, the Gutenberg Block Editor has revolutionized the way we create content. Otter Blocks steps in to further refine this experience, offering a suite of tools that bring the power of premium page builders directly into Gutenberg. Say goodbye to the complexities of traditional page builders and embrace the simplicity and power of Otter Blocks.

Key Features:

Extended Gutenberg Capabilities:

Introduces over 26+ additional blocks for Gutenberg, expanding the possibilities of content creation.
A rich collection of patterns and designs to kickstart your page-building process.
Advanced features like visibility conditions, custom CSS, and animations to enhance the look and feel of your content.
Customization at its Best:

Directly tweak the CSS properties of any Gutenberg block with the Custom CSS block feature.
Add a dynamic touch with the Animation feature, allowing for a more interactive user experience.
The Patterns Library offers a diverse range of elements, from headers to testimonials, ensuring you have everything you need to build a compelling page.
Advanced Content Management:

The Visibility Conditions feature lets you dictate when and where specific blocks appear, offering a tailored experience for your visitors.
Protect your content with password blocks or even integrate with Mailchimp for a seamless subscription experience.
Export your results in various formats, ensuring you have the data you need, when you need it.
PRO Features:

Advanced security features like IP and Geo-blocking.
Enhanced content protection with front/back blockers and REST API blocking.
Monetize your content with the PayPal paywall and protect your images with watermarks.
SEO and User Experience:

Otter Blocks ensures your content remains unique, enhancing your SEO efforts.
Mobile responsiveness ensures your content looks great on all devices.
The plugin’s intuitive design ensures a seamless user experience, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned developer.
Diverse Block Offerings:

From basic blocks like Advanced Heading and Button Group to specialized blocks like the AI Block and Stripe Checkout, Otter has you covered.
Enhance your WooCommerce experience with specialized blocks like Add to Cart and Product Review.
Dynamic blocks like Live Search and Popup ensure your website remains interactive and user-friendly.
Conclusion: Otter Blocks isn’t just another Gutenberg enhancement plugin; it’s a comprehensive tool that transforms the way you interact with WordPress. Whether you’re building a simple blog or a complex e-commerce site, Otter Blocks provides the tools and features you need to create stunning, interactive, and SEO-friendly content. Dive into the world of Otter and discover the future of WordPress page-building.

Price $49 1

Otter Blocks for Gutenberg


Improve Your Best Sales Tool: Product Reviews Pro

In the digital age, product reviews are the backbone of e-commerce platforms, influencing consumer choices significantly. Product Reviews Pro for WooCommerce is designed to leverage this influence to boost your sales. Here, we delve into the features and benefits of this tool that aims to enhance the review capabilities of your online store.


The Power of Product Reviews

Studies have consistently shown the immense influence of product reviews on customer purchasing decisions. A staggering 70% of customers consult reviews before making a purchase, and over 63% are more likely to buy from a site featuring product ratings and reviews. The tool aims to harness this potential to foster trust and encourage sales through enriched review features.


Supercharging Your Review Section

WooCommerce offers decent core review options, but Product Reviews Pro takes it a notch higher, bringing in Amazon-style reviews and filtering, and facilitating a more interactive and informative review section. It not only accepts textual reviews but also allows users to upload photos and videos, enhancing the credibility and informativeness of reviews.


Review Qualifiers for Detailed Feedback

The tool introduces “review qualifiers,” which are dropdown questions that prompt users to provide specific feedback on various aspects such as fit, comfort, etc. This feature ensures that reviews are detailed and provide prospective buyers with the information they are looking for.


Facilitating Discussions and Interactions

Beyond reviews, the tool enables other forms of customer contributions including questions, standalone photos, and videos, fostering a community of users where they can discuss products and share experiences. Customers can also comment on these contributions, encouraging interactions and discussions.


Sorting and Filtering for Easy Navigation

Customers can easily sort and filter reviews based on different criteria, including the most recent or most helpful reviews, facilitating a more user-friendly review navigation experience.


SEO and Rich Snippets

Product Reviews Pro is SEO-friendly, encouraging user-generated content through reviews, which is indexable and helps in improving your site’s SEO. It also includes structured data markup for rich snippets in search results, enhancing visibility in searches.


Professional-Level Product Reviews

Here are some of the standout features of the tool:

Review Qualifiers: Prompt users for detailed feedback on various aspects of the product.
Media Attachments: Allow users to attach photos and videos to reviews, enhancing credibility.
Upvoting and Downvoting: Users can upvote or downvote reviews, helping to highlight the most helpful reviews.
Flagging System: Users can flag inappropriate reviews, alerting the shop employees for moderation.
Badges for Official Responses: Designate official responses with badges to indicate their authenticity.
Notification System: Customers can “watch” threads to receive notifications on replies, keeping them engaged.
Support for Product Vendors: Allows vendors to manage and approve reviews on their products, fostering a collaborative environment.

The WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro is a comprehensive tool that supercharges your product reviews, fostering trust and encouraging sales through a rich and interactive review section. By leveraging the power of reviews, it aims to enhance the shopping experience, boost SEO, and ultimately drive your business growth. It is a tool designed for the modern e-commerce landscape, where reviews are not just feedback but powerful sales tools.

Price $79

WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro

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