Passster – Password Protect Pages and Content review

  • 4.4 of 5 Rating
  • Free version available
  • $79.99
Key Features
  • Versatile Protection Modes
  • Opt to password-protect
  • Extend protection to child pages
  • Whole Site Protection
  • Ajax for unlocking protected areas
  • Customize Options
  • Enhanced Password Features PRO
  • Advanced Security PRO
  • Google reCAPTCHA PRO
  • Set password expiry PRO
  • User Role-Based Access PRO
  • Unlock Link Sharing PRO
  • Anti-Password Sharing PRO
  • WooCommerce Integration PRO
  • WooCommerce Integration PRO

Passster: Ultimate Password Protection for Your WordPress Content

Introduction: In the digital age, content security is paramount. Whether you’re a blogger, e-commerce store owner, or a business, protecting your content from unauthorized access is crucial. Enter Passster, the comprehensive password protection solution for WordPress. With its robust features and intuitive design, Passster ensures your content remains exclusive to your intended audience.

Key Features:

Free Version Highlights:

Versatile Protection Modes:

Secure specific sections of your page using areas, easily added via shortcode or block.
Opt to password-protect entire pages or individual posts.
Extend protection to child pages with a single click, ensuring consistent security across related content.
Whole Site Protection:

Safeguard your entire WordPress website with a single password, ensuring complete content security.
User-Friendly Experience:

Utilize Ajax for unlocking protected areas, eliminating the need for page reloads.
Customize the appearance, labels, and descriptions for a consistent brand experience.
Implement a cookie system to allow users to access multiple password-protected areas with a single password.
Pro Version Advantages:

Enhanced Password Features:

Beyond single passwords, protect your content with multiple passwords or extensive password lists.
Expedite the setup process with quick editing or bulk editing capabilities.
Advanced Security Measures:

Integrate Google reCAPTCHA (v2/v3) or hCAPTCHA for an additional layer of protection.
Set password expiry based on usage frequency, number of usages, or specific intervals.
User Role-Based Access:

Grant automatic access to password-protected content based on user roles or email addresses.
Unlock Link Sharing:

Generate and share unique unlock links, allowing users to access protected content seamlessly. For added convenience, these links can be shortened using
Anti-Password Sharing:

Monitor concurrent password usages and prevent unauthorized password sharing.
WooCommerce Integration:

Securely protect WooCommerce products and the main store page.
Integrate with WooCommerce to facilitate the selling of passwords.
Insightful Statistics:

Gain insights into password usage, both overall and specific to each password list.
Conclusion: Passster is not just a password protection plugin; it’s a comprehensive security solution tailored for WordPress. Whether you’re looking to protect a single page, specific content sections, or your entire website, Passster offers the flexibility and robustness to meet all your security needs. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, Passster is the go-to choice for WordPress users seeking top-notch content protection. Secure your content with Passster and enjoy peace of mind.

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