Premmerce WooCommerce Customers Manager review

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Key Features
  • Customer Filtering
  • Purchase History
  • Sales Tracking
  • Order Lists
  • Enhanced User Page
  • Date-based Filtering
  • Money Spent Display
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Premmerce WooCommerce Customers Manager: An Overview


The Premmerce WooCommerce Customers Manager plugin is a comprehensive tool designed to enhance the management of customers on your WooCommerce store. It not only tracks user spending but also provides insights into their purchase history, making it a valuable asset for store owners.

Key Features:

Customer Filtering: The plugin allows you to filter customers based on their registration date and the total amount they’ve spent on your store.
Purchase History: View the entire history of your customers’ purchases, giving you a clear picture of their buying habits.
Sales Tracking: If a specific item shows increased sales, it’s an indication that the product is trending. This insight can help you adjust inventory and communicate with suppliers.
Order Lists: Display a list of orders based on user ID, helping customers keep track of their past purchases.
Enhanced User Page: On each client’s user page, you’ll find two columns: “Registered” and “Money Spent”, simplifying the tracking of sales and user activity.
Easy Installation: The plugin can be easily installed directly from the Premmerce website,, or via the Plugin page in the WordPress admin section.

Premmerce WooCommerce Customers Manager extends the standard functionalities of WordPress by integrating WooCommerce customer data. It acts as the primary customer management tool from Premmerce, with continuous improvements and updates based on user feedback and needs.

Major Features:

Date-based Filtering: Filter customers based on when they registered on your site.
Spending-based Filtering: Filter customers by the total amount they’ve spent.
Money Spent Display: View the total amount spent by each user directly on their user card.
Order List Display: Access a list of orders directly on the user’s card.

For those interested in testing the plugin’s functionalities, Premmerce offers a personal demo store. This allows users to test the Customers Manager plugin alongside other Premmerce plugins and themes.


The Premmerce WooCommerce Customers Manager is compatible with a range of other plugins, including:

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WooCommerce Multilingual
Premmerce WooCommerce Toolkit
WooCommerce SEO Addon

For WooCommerce store owners looking to enhance their customer management capabilities, the Premmerce WooCommerce Customers Manager plugin is an invaluable tool. With its range of features, from filtering options to purchase history tracking, it provides store owners with the insights they need to optimize their business operations and improve customer satisfaction.

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