Product Enquiry for WooCommerce review

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Key Features
  • Enable/Disable Feature
  • Product Enquiry Recipient’s Email
  • Display Page
  • Single Product Button Location
  • Shortcodes

Boost Customer Engagement with the Product Enquiry for WooCommerce Plugin.

In the competitive landscape of e-commerce, it is essential to provide customers with the tools they need to make informed purchasing decisions. The Product Enquiry for WooCommerce plugin is designed to facilitate this by allowing potential customers to easily reach out with enquiries or request quotes for products they are interested in. Let’s explore the features and functionalities that make this plugin a must-have for WooCommerce store owners.

Your Gateway to Customer Engagement

The plugin adds an enquiry button to every WooCommerce product page, which can be customized in terms of location, label, and appearance. The button settings also allow for the inclusion of shortcodes to enhance functionality.

Enquiry List: A Comprehensive Record of Customer Interactions

Store and manage all enquiry data efficiently with the enquiry list feature. It not only stores all the data from the enquiry cart and single product enquiries but also allows for the export of all records, helping you keep track of customer interactions seamlessly.

General Settings: Tailored to Your Preferences

The general settings offer a range of customization options, including user visibility settings and button customization options for background and text colors. Premium features unlock even more functionalities, including the option to hide the add to cart button and remove the price from the product.

Include/Exclude Categories: Targeted Engagement

This feature allows you to include or exclude specific categories, helping you to target your enquiry features more precisely and focus on products that truly require this function.

From Customizer: Enhancing the Enquiry Form

The customizer section offers options to add custom fields to the enquiry form, with premium features allowing for a variety of field types. It also enables you to add content before and after the enquiry form, enhancing the user experience.

Email Customizer: Personalized Communication

Customize your email communications with options to personalize the recipient’s email, subject, and body. Premium features allow for sending enquiry emails to customers as well, fostering better communication and trust.

Popup Enquiry Form: A User-Friendly Approach

The plugin offers a popup enquiry form, providing a quick and easy way for customers to reach out with their queries, thus enhancing the user experience and encouraging customer feedback.

The Product Enquiry for WooCommerce plugin stands as a comprehensive solution to foster better customer engagement and facilitate informed purchasing decisions. By providing a platform for easy communication and enquiry management, it helps in converting unsure customers into confident buyers. Whether it is the detailed enquiry list feature or the customizable enquiry button, each aspect of the plugin is designed to enhance the WooCommerce store’s functionality, making it a valuable addition to your e-commerce toolkit.

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