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Key Features
  • Vendor Profile Management
  • Sales Reports
  • Commission Rates per Vendor
  • WooCommerce Bookings Integration
  • Diversified Revenue Streams
  • Report Insights
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WooCommerce Product Vendors Plugin Overview

WooCommerce Product Vendors is a plugin that transforms your WooCommerce store into a multi-vendor marketplace, allowing you to earn commissions from vendor sales while providing vendors with tools to manage their profiles, products, and sales reports. Here, we explore the key features and benefits of this plugin.


Key Features

Vendor Profile Management: Vendors can control and customize their public profiles, enhancing their presence in the marketplace.
Sales Reports and Order Status: Vendors have access to detailed sales reports and real-time order status updates, helping them to manage their business effectively.
Vendor-Specific Commission Rates: Marketplace owners can set specific commission rates for individual vendors, encouraging more vendors to join and rewarding high-performing vendors.
Integration with WooCommerce Bookings: The plugin integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce Bookings, allowing vendors to sell time-based bookings alongside physical and digital products.
Vendor Ratings: Marketplace owners can display vendor ratings, which are composed of the ratings of all the products they sell, fostering trust and encouraging quality service.
Flexible Commission and Payout Settings: Marketplace owners have the flexibility to set commission rates and payout schedules, including the option to delay commission payments to account for returns.


Diversified Revenue Streams: Marketplace owners can diversify their revenue streams by allowing multiple vendors to sell via their site and taking a commission on sales.
Reduced Administration: The plugin reduces administrative burdens by allowing vendors to manage their own products.
Sales Report Insights: Marketplace owners can stay on top of their marketplace performance with comprehensive sales reports, gaining insights into vendor sales, commissions, and monthly earnings.
Enhanced Vendor Autonomy: Vendors enjoy a high degree of autonomy, being able to manage their products, add private notes to orders, and receive commission payouts.
Why Use WooCommerce Product Vendors?
Create a Comprehensive Marketplace: The plugin enables the creation of a marketplace that can sell anything, from physical and digital products to time-based bookings.
Vendor Incentives: Marketplace owners can incentivize new vendors to join the marketplace with vendor-specific commission rates.
Integration with Existing Products: Marketplace owners can continue selling their own products alongside vendor products, creating a diverse product offering.
Protection Against Uncompleted Orders: Commissions are only assigned to vendors once the order is completed, protecting the marketplace owner from losses associated with uncompleted orders.


WooCommerce Product Vendors stands as a reliable choice for those looking to create a multi-vendor marketplace with a WooCommerce powered store. While it may offer fewer features compared to other plugins in the market, it covers the essential functionalities needed to run a successful multi-vendor marketplace, including vendor management, commission settings, and sales reports. It is a tool that caters to both marketplace owners and vendors, ensuring a harmonious and profitable marketplace operation.

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