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  • $20 /mo
Key Features
  • Intuitive Dashboard
  • Customized & Scheduled Reports
  • Direct Refund Issuance
  • Automatic Currency & Timezone Conversions
  • Detailed Customer Profiles
  • Easy Report Sharing
  • Well documented
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Putler WooCommerce Reporting Plugin Overview
Putler is a comprehensive WooCommerce reporting plugin that offers a holistic view of your online store’s performance. With its expansive dashboard, Putler provides a seamless way to visualize and analyze a plethora of data points, ensuring that you have all the insights you need to make informed decisions for your business. While it comes at a cost, the value it provides justifies the investment.

Key Features
Intuitive Dashboard: Putler’s dashboard is designed to present a vast amount of data in a clear and organized manner, ensuring that you can quickly grasp the key metrics without feeling overwhelmed.
Customized & Scheduled Reports: Tailor your reports to show the data that matters most to you and schedule them to be generated at specific intervals.
Direct Refund Issuance: Process refunds directly from the Putler platform, streamlining your customer service operations.
Automatic Currency & Timezone Conversions: No matter where your customers are from, Putler automatically converts currencies and adjusts timezones to provide consistent data.
Detailed Customer Profiles: Dive deep into individual customer profiles to understand their browsing and purchasing habits, helping you tailor your marketing strategies.
Geocoding: Understand the geographical distribution of your customers, allowing for targeted marketing campaigns and better inventory management.
Easy Report Sharing: Share your insights with your team or stakeholders with just a few clicks, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Benefits of Using Putler
Comprehensive Insights: From basic website metrics to intricate customer behavior patterns, Putler offers a 360-degree view of your online store’s performance.
Efficiency: With features like direct refund issuance and automatic conversions, Putler streamlines various operational aspects of your business.
Data-Driven Decision Making: With Putler’s detailed reports, you can make informed decisions to optimize your marketing strategies, inventory management, and overall business operations.
Value for Money: While Putler is a premium plugin, the wealth of features and insights it provides ensures a good return on investment.

Putler stands out as a robust and feature-rich WooCommerce reporting plugin that caters to the diverse needs of online store owners. Its intuitive design, coupled with its comprehensive reporting capabilities, makes it an invaluable tool for anyone looking to optimize their WooCommerce store’s performance. Whether you’re a seasoned eCommerce veteran or just starting out, Putler provides the insights you need to drive growth and success.

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