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Key Features
  • Random Post Content
  • Content Grouping
  • Custom Post Type
  • tinyMCE editor

Introduction to Random Content Plugin
The Random Content plugin is a versatile and user-friendly WordPress tool designed to display varied content snippets randomly across your website. This unique plugin utilizes a shortcode or a widget to facilitate the integration of random content into different sections of your site, providing a dynamic and engaging user experience.

Key Features
1. Content Grouping:
Organize your random content into groups, ensuring thematic consistency across different sections of your site.
2. Custom Post Type for Easy Management:
Utilize a dedicated custom post type to manage your random content, offering full access to the tinyMCE editor for rich text formatting, image insertion, and hyperlink integration.

How to Use
Using a Widget:
Navigate to Appearance -> Widgets.
Drag the “Random Content” widget to your preferred sidebar area.
Choose a specific content group from the dropdown menu to display content from, or leave it to default settings to display content from all entries.
Using a Shortcode:
Basic Usage: Place [random_content] in your post or page editor where you wish to display random content.
Group Specific Content: Use [random_content group_id=”64″] to display content from a specific group.
Limit Number of Posts: Use [random_content num_posts=”3″] to specify the number of content entries to display.
Combined Usage: Use [random_content group_id=”13″ num_posts=”3″] to display a specific number of content entries from a particular group.

Practical Applications
Testimonials: Display random testimonials across your site to build credibility.
Fun Facts: Share interesting facts related to your content to engage visitors.
Promotions: Highlight different promotions or products randomly to catch users’ attention.
Quotes: Share inspirational quotes or customer feedback in different sections of your site.

With the Random Content plugin, you can seamlessly add an element of surprise and engagement to your website, keeping your content fresh and captivating for your audience. Whether you choose to employ a widget or a shortcode, this plugin offers a straightforward and effective solution to display random content across your site.

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