Recipe Card Blocks review

  • Good choice
  • 4.9 of 5 Rating
  • Free version available
  • $59
Key Features
  • Modern Recipe Layout
  • Diverse Blocks
  • Bulk Addition of Instructions
  • Bulk Addition of Ingredients
  • Schema Markup for SEO
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Multiple Design Options PRO
  • Star Ratings PRO
  • Adjustable Servings PRO
  • Gallery PRO
  • Social Call-to-Action PRO
  • Well documented
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Recipe Card Blocks is a comprehensive WordPress plugin designed to enhance your food blog through the Gutenberg editor. It provides a variety of features aimed at improving user experience, SEO, and the overall aesthetic of your recipe posts. Below is a detailed list of key features and functionalities:

Essential Features:
Gutenberg Integration: Seamlessly works with the Gutenberg editor, ensuring a smooth and modern workflow.
Diverse Blocks for Recipe Details: Offers five unique Gutenberg blocks to add various recipe details.
Schema Markup for SEO: Incorporates schema markup to enhance your recipe’s visibility on search engine results, contributing to better SEO.
Video Integration: Enables you to embed video content within your recipes, providing a dynamic and engaging user experience.
Bulk Addition of Ingredients: Streamlines the process of adding ingredients to your recipes by allowing bulk entries.
Bulk Addition of Instructions: Similarly, streamlines the addition of cooking instructions.
Support for AMP: Ensures that your recipes are accessible and look great on mobile devices with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) support.
GDPR Compliant: Keeps your website compliant with General Data Protection Regulation standards, ensuring user data is handled securely.
Pro Version Features:
Multiple Design Options: Access to a variety of design templates to ensure your recipes stand out and match your website’s theme.
Star Ratings: Introduces a star rating system, allowing your visitors to rate your recipes.
Adjustable Servings: Lets your users adjust the serving sizes in recipes, automatically changing the quantity of ingredients needed.
Gallery Integration: Enhance your recipes with a gallery of images, showcasing the cooking process or final dish.
Custom Pinterest Image: Optimize your recipe images for sharing on Pinterest.
Comments Rating: Allow users to rate recipes directly in the comments section.
Social Call-to-Action (CTA): Encourages users to share your recipes on social media, increasing visibility and traffic.
Recipe Card Blocks brings a variety of features that not only enhance the presentation of your recipes but also improve their discoverability and user engagement. Whether you’re using the free or the Pro version, this plugin is a valuable addition to any food blog.

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