Safe Redirect Manager review

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  • Free version available
Key Features
  • Data Management
  • Flexible Redirect Options
  • Control Over HTTP Status Codes
  • Performance and Security

Review of Safe Redirect Manager for WordPress

Overview: Safe Redirect Manager is a robust WordPress plugin designed to manage your site’s redirects in a streamlined and efficient manner. Unlike many other redirect plugins, Safe Redirect Manager stores redirects as Custom Post Types, ensuring data portability and scalability, even for enterprise-level traffic. This plugin stands out for its simplicity, performance, and extensibility, adhering to the WordPress philosophy of “decisions, not options.”

Key Features and Benefits:

Efficient Data Management: Redirects are stored as Custom Post Types, promoting data portability and scalable performance.
Simplicity and Performance: The plugin offers essential functionalities without overwhelming users with unnecessary options, and it avoids performance issues associated with 404 error logging.
Extensibility: Developers can extend the plugin’s functionalities through various actions and filters.
User-Friendly Interface: Manage redirects with ease through the WordPress administration panel, under “Tools” > “Safe Redirect Manager.”
Flexible Redirect Options: Utilize paths relative to the WordPress installation for “Redirect From,” and support for regular expressions and wildcards enhances redirect matching capabilities.
Control Over HTTP Status Codes: Define the HTTP status code for each redirect, ensuring proper handling of temporary and permanent redirects.
Performance and Security: Redirects are cached using the Transients API, and the plugin includes safeguards like a maximum redirect limit (adjustable via filters) and case-insensitive path matching.
Who Should Use Safe Redirect Manager?

This plugin is ideal for WordPress users ranging from bloggers to enterprise-level publishers who need a reliable, scalable, and straightforward solution for managing redirects. It’s particularly beneficial for those who prefer a performance-oriented approach without unnecessary bloat.


Safe Redirect Manager delivers a reliable and efficient solution for managing redirects on your WordPress site. Its simplicity, coupled with its power and flexibility, makes it a top choice for users who need to ensure their redirects are handled properly, contributing to a seamless user experience and maintaining SEO integrity. Whether you’re dealing with a handful of redirects or managing a large-scale website, Safe Redirect Manager provides the tools you need to get the job done right.

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