Shared Files review

  • 4.2 of 5 Rating
  • Free version available
  • 7 Days Free Trial
  • starting at $49.99
Key Features
  • Fast search
  • File load counter
  • Front-end file uploader
  • Collect YouTube video URLs
  • Lightbox for images and YouTube videos
  • Add tags to files
  • Enhanced search filters PRO
  • Advanced front-end file uploader PRO
  • Multi-file uploader PRO
  • Front-end file editor PRO
  • Restrict file access PRO
  • FTP file uploads PRO
  • Categorize and tag files PRO
  • Well documented
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Shared Files: The Ultimate File Management Solution for WordPress


Shared Files is a robust WordPress plugin designed to simplify and enhance your website’s file management capabilities. From seamless front-end uploads to advanced categorization, this plugin offers a suite of features that cater to both beginners and advanced users.

Key Benefits:

Easily Manageable: Keep your files separate from the media library, streamlining file management.
Front End Upload: A dual system offering both a powerful backend and a user-friendly front-end uploader.
Supports 20+ File Types: Experience seamless viewing of images, videos, and other supported files.
Password Protection: Secure your files and folders, ensuring only authorized access.
Categorized Files: Organize your files into categories and sub-categories for better user experience.
Countdown Page for Downloads: Create a sense of urgency for time-sensitive materials.
Additional Features:

Password Protected Files: Enhance security by adding password protection to your uploads.
Limit Downloads: Control the exclusivity of your content by setting download limits per file.
YouTube Videos in a Lightbox: Embed YouTube videos in a responsive lightbox for an immersive user experience.
Front-End File Editor: Modify and manage your files directly from the front-end. Free Trial
Restrict File Access: Customize file permissions based on user roles.
Free Features:

Fast search targeting file names and descriptions.
File load counter.
Front-end file uploader.
Collect YouTube video URLs using the front-end uploader.
Files separated from the media library.
Lightbox for images and YouTube videos.
Local video file playback in a lightbox.
Browser file previews.
High-quality SVG icons for various file types.
Add tags to files.
WordPress Multisite compatibility.
Easy listing of shared files.
Pro Features:

Enhanced search filters.
Advanced front-end file uploader.
Multi-file uploader.
Front-end file editor for specific user roles.
Track last access and bandwidth usage.
Restrict file access based on user roles.
Countdown page for downloads.
FTP file uploads with one-click activation.
Activate files from Media Library.
Three custom fields.
Categorize and tag files.
Define external URLs for files and track loads.
Email notifications for file activities.
Password protection and file expiration settings.
Set download limits per file.

Shared Files is a comprehensive solution for all your file management needs on WordPress. Whether you’re looking to organize your files, enhance security, or improve user experience, this plugin has got you covered. Upgrade to the Pro version to unlock even more advanced features and take your file management to the next level

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