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  • Free version available
  • $89
Key Features
  • Blocks, Shortcodes, and Widgets
  • Pin Best Review
  • Verified Reviews
  • Approval System
  • User Restriction
  • Elementor and Gutenberg Support
  • Multi-Language
  • SPAM Protection
  • Schema Integration
  • Update reviews PRO
  • Review Filters PRO
  • Create custom review forms PRO
  • Review Images PRO
  • Well documented
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Site Reviews is a comprehensive review management plugin for WordPress, modeled after popular review platforms like Amazon, TripAdvisor, and Yelp. It offers a vast array of features and customization options, providing users with everything they need to collect, manage, and display reviews on their website.

Key Features
1. User Interaction and Management
Pin Best Reviews: Highlight your best reviews by pinning them to the top.
Verified Reviews: Mark certain reviews as verified to boost credibility.
Approval System: Ensure quality control by requiring approval before publishing new reviews.
User Restrictions: Require users to be logged in to submit reviews, helping to authenticate submissions.
Respond to Reviews: Engage with your audience by responding directly to their reviews.
2. Customization and Integration
Blocks, Shortcodes, and Widgets: Easily integrate reviews into your site using a variety of methods.
Form Styles: Ensure consistency with your site’s design by matching the review form with popular themes and form plugins.
Elementor and Gutenberg Support: Utilize native widgets and blocks in popular page builders for seamless integration.
Multi-Language and Multisite Support: Cater to a global audience and manage reviews across network installations.
3. Developer and Admin Tools
Backup and Restore: Safeguard your reviews and settings with export/import functionality.
Bayesian Ranking: Sort pages with assigned reviews by rank using the Bayesian algorithm.
Blacklist and SPAM Protection: Protect your site from unwanted submissions with comprehensive SPAM protection and blacklisting capabilities.
Notifications: Stay informed with custom notifications sent to your Discord, Slack, or email when reviews are submitted.
4. SEO and Performance
JSON-LD Schema: Enhance search visibility by displaying reviews and ratings in search results.
Fast and Lightweight: Ensure optimal site performance without sacrificing functionality.
5. WooCommerce and Third-Party Integration
WooCommerce Support: Integrate seamlessly with your WooCommerce products.
GamiPress and myCRED Integration: Incentivize reviews by awarding points with popular gamification plugins.
Import Third-Party Reviews: Bring in reviews from other sources with the built-in CSV importer.

Premium Features
Site Reviews Premium offers even more functionalities and personalized support:

Review Authors: Update reviews from the frontend.
Review Filters: Enhance navigability with sorting, filtering, and search capabilities.
Review Forms: Create custom review forms with extensive field types.
Review Images: Add a visual element to your reviews with images and captions.
Review Notifications: Set up custom notifications and reminders for WooCommerce product purchases.
Review Themes: Customize the design of your reviews with a drag-and-drop builder and display options like carousels or grids.

Site Reviews stands out as a top-tier review management plugin for WordPress, offering a breadth of features unmatched by many free alternatives. With its focus on user interaction, customization, developer support, and performance, it provides everything needed to create a robust and engaging review system on your website. Whether you are running a small blog or a large eCommerce site, Site Reviews offers the tools and functionalities to leverage user-generated content for enhanced credibility, SEO, and user engagement. Plus, with the option to upgrade to the Premium version, you can take your review management to the next level, ensuring a professional and seamless experience for both admins and users.

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