SKU Generator for WooCommerce review

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  • Free version available
Key Features
  • Bulk Regeneration
  • Automated SKU Assignment
  • Selective Regeneration
  • Frontend SKU Search
  • SKU in Customer Emails
  • Duplicate SKU Allowance

The SKU Generator for WooCommerce plugin is designed to enhance SKU management in WooCommerce stores by offering a range of functionalities that allow for a more organized and efficient handling of product SKUs. Here is a detailed breakdown of its features and functionalities:

Features and Functionalities

Custom SKU Format

  • Automated SKU Assignment: The plugin facilitates the automatic assignment of SKUs to new products based on a custom format that can include elements such as prefix, suffix, number length, category, and tag, streamlining the SKU generation process.
    SKU Regeneration
  • Bulk Regeneration: It allows for the regeneration of SKUs for all existing products, a feature tested and proven to work efficiently even in WooCommerce shops with a large inventory.
    Selective Regeneration: The plugin offers the option to regenerate SKUs exclusively for products that currently lack an SKU, helping to fill gaps without altering existing SKUs.
    Enhanced SKU Usability
  • Frontend SKU Search: Enhance the shopping experience by enabling product searches using SKUs on the frontend, allowing customers to quickly find products using SKU identifiers.
    SKU in Customer Emails: Incorporate SKU details in customer emails, providing comprehensive information and facilitating easier reference for customers.
  • Duplicate SKU Allowance: The plugin supports the use of duplicate SKUs, offering flexibility in SKU assignment.


  • Efficiency: Automated and custom SKU generation saves time and reduces manual effort.
    Organization: Facilitates better organization of products through systematic SKU assignment based on various product attributes.
  • User-Friendly: Enhancements like SKU search on the frontend and SKU details in customer emails contribute to a user-friendly shopping experience.

In summary, the SKU Generator for WooCommerce plugin stands as a comprehensive solution for SKU management in WooCommerce stores, offering functionalities that not only streamline SKU assignment through automation and customization but also enhance the usability of SKUs in various customer interactions. It is a tool that promises to bring organization, efficiency, and a better user experience to WooCommerce stores.

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