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Key Features
  • Bulk Pricing
  • Calculating Input Fields
  • Calculation Tools
  • Conditional Logic PRO
  • Multi-step Forms PRO
  • Payment Integration PRO
  • Automation with Webhooks PRO
  • Image & File Upload, Date Picker, Image Buttons PRO
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Stylish Cost Calculator – Quote Generator, Lead Gen & Price Estimator: An Overview

Introduction: Stylish Cost Calculator is a dynamic WordPress plugin designed to enhance the buyer’s journey by offering real-time cost calculations. It transforms static pricing into an interactive experience, driving higher conversions and providing clarity to customers.

Key Features:

Interactive Experience: Instantly provide price estimations and detailed, itemized lists for a transparent buying process.
Payment Integration: Smoothly integrate ‘Buy Now’ buttons for easy transactions.
Lead Capture: Collect valuable customer data for targeted marketing campaigns.
Bulk Pricing: Offer tiered pricing options to incentivize larger purchases.
User-Friendly Interface: No coding skills required; easy drag-and-drop functionality.
Use Cases:

Sales & Marketing Optimization: From product configurators to lead generation funnels, streamline your sales process.
Operational Efficiency: Offer tools like mortgage calculators, multi-step forms, and live currency conversion.
Enhanced User Experience: Provide dynamic product calculator forms and adaptive forms based on user input.

Streamlined Operations: Offer 24/7 automated estimates, integrate with other software, and empower staff with on-the-spot quoting.
Boosted Engagement & Sales: Personalize the shopping experience, automate follow-ups, and facilitate instant payments.
Informed Decision Making: Gain insights from data-driven trends and foster trust with transparent pricing.
Elevated User Experience: Guide users logically through their purchase journey and minimize purchase friction.

Calculating Input Fields: Includes sliders, dropdown menus, checkboxes, image buttons, and more.
User Interaction: Features like comment boxes, file uploads, and text/HTML elements.
Calculation Tools: Custom math operations and variable calculations.

Lead Generation: Blur or hide total price to capture more leads.
Backup & Restore: Safeguard your configurations.
Tax & VAT Options: Customize according to regional tax laws.
Communication & Analytics: Track user source, form conversions, and manage quotes via SMS or email.
Showcase Savings: Display user savings and guide them with multi-step forms and progress bars.
Custom Calculations: Offer distance-based calculations, conditional logic, and custom math.
E-commerce Integration: Seamlessly integrate with WooCommerce, PayPal, and Stripe.
Additional Features: Language translation, one-click templates, and a customizable user interface.
Conclusion: Stylish Cost Calculator is a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to offer instant quotes, service breakdowns, and a seamless buying experience on their website. With its myriad of features and user-friendly interface, it’s a must-have tool for any business aiming to elevate their online presence and boost conversions.

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