SUMO WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator review

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Key Features
  • Integration with WooCommerce
  • Support for Product Types
  • Versatile Measurement Calculations
  • Multiple Input Options
  • Variety of Units
  • Dynamic Product Price Calculator
  • Inventory Management
  • Attribution Calculator
  • Well documented
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SUMO WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator: A Brief Overview

Introduction: SUMO WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator is a specialized plugin tailored for WooCommerce stores that sell products based on measurements. Whether you’re selling fabric by the meter, paint by the liter, or mulch by the cubic foot, this plugin ensures that customers can easily input their desired measurements and get an accurate price instantly.

Key Features:

Integration with WooCommerce: Designed specifically for WooCommerce, it seamlessly integrates with your online store, ensuring a consistent user experience.
Support for Product Types: Whether you’re selling simple or variable products, this plugin has got you covered.
Versatile Measurement Calculations: Whether you’re calculating dimensions, weight, area, volume, or even room walls, this plugin can handle it.
Multiple Input Options: Supports single, double, and triple measurement inputs, offering flexibility based on the product’s requirements.
Variety of Units: From meters and feet to kilograms and liters, it supports a wide range of measurement units.
Dynamic Product Price Calculator: Automatically calculates the product price based on the measurements provided by the customer.
Inventory Management: Adjusts product inventory based on the measurements sold, ensuring accurate stock levels.
Dynamic Weight Calculation: If your shipping costs are based on weight, this feature will dynamically calculate the weight based on the measurements, ensuring accurate shipping charges.
Sale Price Integration: If you’re running a sale, the plugin will take into account the discounted price when calculating the cost based on measurements.
Price Table: Provides a clear table of prices based on different measurements, allowing customers to see cost variations based on quantity.
Customizable Pricing Labels: Tailor the pricing labels to match your store’s branding and terminology.
Translation Ready: If your store caters to a global audience, this plugin is ready to be translated into any language, ensuring a localized shopping experience for all your customers.
Conclusion: The SUMO WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator is an essential tool for any WooCommerce store that sells products based on measurements. It not only enhances the shopping experience for customers but also ensures accurate pricing, inventory management, and shipping calculations. Whether you’re selling construction materials, fabrics, liquids, or any other measurable product, this plugin is a must-have addition to your WooCommerce toolkit.

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