Super Monitoring review

  • Good choice
  • 4.4 of 5 Rating
  • Free version available
  • starting at 59$
Key Features
  • Unavailability Detection
  • Performance Check
  • Form Testing
  • Content Verifying
  • Page Loading Time Measuring
  • Process testing
  • Daily Health Check
  • History and Reports
  • Webhooks

Super Monitoring stands as a top-tier plugin designed to function as an external resource for overseeing the efficacy and operations of your website, bringing to the table a wide array of functionalities to ensure your website remains operational and efficient.


Utilizing Super Monitoring, you have the facility to scrutinize various facets of your website including its uptime, efficiency, content validation, form analyses, daily operational reports, file consistency checks, the status of public pages, detection of alterations, among others. This proactive monitoring allows you to stay ahead of any potential issues, averting major complications down the line.


Moreover, this plugin grants you the ability to keep track of the expiration dates of your website’s domain and SSL certificates, while also alerting you if your site finds itself on any blocklists. In the event of downtime, it ensures you are notified promptly through email and SMS alerts, and further provides a suite of auxiliary tools such as periodic and on-request reports, screenshot functionalities, HTML screenshot options, HTTP headers, and HAR files.

A notable attribute of Super Monitoring is its proficiency in curtailing false positive alerts by leveraging monitoring centers globally, thereby assuring the receipt of precise data on your website’s performance and functionality, irrespective of the geographical distribution of your user base.


Furthermore, it is adept at recognizing a variety of failure scenarios, enabling a swift identification and rectification process, thereby maintaining the seamless operation of your website.

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