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Key Features
  • Automatic/Manual Display
  • Post Views Tracking
  • Large Database Handling
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Placement Options
  • Design Variations
  • Multiple Blocks
  • SEO and Engagement Boost

Super Related Posts: Enhancing User Engagement and Site Performance


Super Related Posts is a WordPress plugin designed to elevate user engagement, decrease bounce rates, and boost traffic through the integration of a superior algorithm for related posts. Its lightweight nature, even with extensive content, ensures that server load is minimized, making it a highly efficient choice for websites of all sizes.

Features and Capabilities

1. Ease of Use:

Automatic Display: Activate related posts with a single click.
Manual Display: Utilize shortcodes to place related posts exactly where you want them.
2. Advanced Algorithm:

Identifies and presents related content from your site based on specified filters, ensuring relevance and interest.
3. Caching and Efficiency:

Utilizes cache indexing to expedite PHP & MySQL database queries, ensuring optimal performance.
4. Post Views Tracking:

Displays popular related posts based on views, with customizable timeframes (day, week, month, or year).
5. Large Database Handling:

Proven capability to handle extensive databases, tested on sites with 100,000+ posts.
6. Exclusion and Customization:

Exclude posts by various criteria including author, ID, category, tags, and custom fields.
Ensure related content matches the current post’s category, tags, content, and author.
7. GDPR Compliance and Scalability:

Ensures user privacy and data protection compliance.
Designed to scale seamlessly with your website’s growth.
8. Targeted Placement Options:

Place related posts after content, in-between content, or manually using shortcodes.
Inline Related Posts option for in-depth article integration.
9. Design Variations:

Choose from three different design styles, catering to various aesthetic preferences and site themes.
10. Multiple Blocks and No Duplicates: – Integrate multiple related post blocks on a single page without duplicating posts. – Smart algorithm avoids redundancy, prioritizing a diverse range of related content.

11. SEO and Engagement Boost: – Enhance visitor engagement and improve SEO. – Witness up to a 20% increase in pageviews by simply implementing the plugin.

12. Continuous Development and Support: – Benefit from active development, regular updates, and responsive tech support.

Use Cases

Content-Rich Websites: Particularly beneficial for sites with extensive article databases, ensuring related content is always relevant and engaging.
Membership and Community Platforms: Keeps users engaged and encourages prolonged site interaction.
E-commerce: Related product articles or blogs can be seamlessly integrated, enhancing the customer journey.
Blogs and News Outlets: Ensures readers have a continuous flow of related articles, increasing time on site and user satisfaction.

Super Related Posts stands out as a robust solution for WordPress sites aiming to enhance user engagement, reduce bounce rates, and boost overall site performance. With its advanced algorithm, wide array of customization options, and proven capability to handle large databases, it is a comprehensive tool that delivers on its promises, driving traffic and ensuring that users remain engaged with your content. Whether you run a content-heavy website, an e-commerce platform, or a community-driven site, Super Related Posts is equipped to elevate the user experience and contribute positively to your site’s success.

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