UpdraftClone review

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  • 12$ / month
Key Features
  • Copy & paste your WordPress site
  • Instant clone
  • Scheduling
  • UpdraftVault Storage
  • Database Encrypted
  • Well documented
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Updraft holds the position of being the second most popular backup plugin in the market. Although it doesn’t inherently offer staging functionalities, it facilitates the creation of a website replica through UpdraftClone, which can be leveraged for staging objectives.


However, it comes with a significant limitation — the cloned site, serving as your staging platform, comes with a lifespan of just 24 hours. Despite this short initial duration, Updraft offers the flexibility to extend the life of the staging site for a week or even longer, based on your requirements, albeit at a nominal subscription cost.

In summary, Updraft presents a convenient solution for setting up a staging site swiftly, albeit with a time-restricted usage policy that can be bypassed through a subscription model. It stands as a viable option for those looking for a straightforward and rapid setup for their staging needs, with the understanding of the time-bound nature of the service.


The process of cloning your website using Updraft is remarkably straightforward, characterized by a one-click operation that eliminates complex setups and configurations. This ease of setup stands as one of its strong points, allowing users to quickly create a clone site hosted on its independent server, thereby ensuring a hassle-free staging experience.


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