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VendorPro – Multi Vendor E-Commerce WordPress Plugin Overview

VendorPro is a WordPress plugin designed to facilitate a multi-vendor e-commerce environment on your website. It is a tool that not only allows you to invite multiple vendors to your platform but also helps in managing the commissions and other functionalities efficiently. Below, we delve into the key features and benefits of using the VendorPro plugin.


Key Features

Affiliate Business Fosterage: VendorPro is designed to foster long-term affiliate business relationships on your e-commerce website.
PayPal Integration: Ensures secure payment collection through integrated PayPal processor.
Vendor Application Form: A comprehensive application form for potential vendors, which requires admin approval post submission.
Vendor Capabilities Settings: Allows the admin to grant various rights to vendors, including product management and blog post creation.
Commission Management: Set a base commission rate on products and manage commissions earned by vendors through a dedicated settings tab.
Data Export: Facilitates the export of required data in CSV format for documentation purposes.


Ease of Integration: VendorPro eliminates manual labor by enabling a multi-vendor environment integration with just a few clicks.
Enhanced Market Reach: By inviting multiple vendors to your platform, you can significantly increase your reach in the online marketing arena.
Increased Website Traffic: The plugin helps in attracting more visitors to your e-commerce website.
Up-to-date Database: Maintain an updated database of sales, returns, and commissions earned from the vendors.
Additional Advanced Features
Customizable Vendor Commission Rates: Allows the admin to change vendor commission rates as per the requirements.
Order Status-Based Commission Calculation: Enables the calculation of commissions based on various order statuses such as completed, shipped, and processing.
Shortcodes: Provides shortcodes to generate application forms, sales logs, and more.
Email Settings: Customize order status email settings to keep vendors informed about the order statuses.
Cart Restrictions: Enables the admin to implement cart restrictions as needed.
Seller Information Tab: Option to show or hide the seller information tab on individual product pages.
Growth Analysis: Analyze your business growth by exporting detailed reports.


Empowering Vendors

Admins can empower vendors by granting them various rights through the vendor capabilities settings tab. This includes privileges like managing orders, editing or deleting published products, and creating blog posts.


VendorPro stands as a comprehensive solution for those looking to create a multi-vendor e-commerce platform with WordPress. It offers a range of features that facilitate easy management of vendors and commissions, ensuring a smooth operation of your marketplace. By leveraging VendorPro, you can create a win-win situation for both the admin and the vendors, fostering a successful e-commerce environment.

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