Watermark Images Plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce review

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Key Features
  • Text and Image Watermarks
  • Customization
  • Controlled Positioning
  • Watermark Templates
  • Bulk Application
  • Automatic Application
  • Image Protection

 Watermark Images Plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce

Watermark Customization

Text and Image Watermarks: The plugin allows you to add both text and image watermarks, offering a versatile approach to watermarking.
Customizable Settings: Customize various settings including font size, font family, opacity, and color for text watermarks, and width, height, and opacity for image watermarks.
Positioning and Repetition
Controlled Positioning: Easily control the position and rotation of the watermarks on your images to get the desired effect.
Repetitive Watermarks: The plugin allows you to repeat watermarks in many directions, with control over the offset between repetitions, providing a layered security feature.

Templates and Automation

Watermark Templates: Create unlimited watermark templates to suit different types of images.
Automatic Application: Apply watermark templates automatically on uploaded images based on filters, saving time and effort.

Bulk Application and Restoration

Bulk Application: Apply watermark templates on bulk images, facilitating a streamlined process for large batches of images.
Single Image Application: The plugin also allows for watermark application on a single image, offering flexibility in its use.
Restoration: In case of any changes, you can easily restore the original images from the backups, ensuring safety and reversibility.



Image Security: Protect your images from unauthorized use by adding a unique watermark to them.
Intellectual Property Safety: Ensure the safety of your intellectual property by preventing unauthorized copying of your images.


Personalization: Enhance your brand image by personalizing images with your brand name and logo through watermarks.
Professional Appearance: Maintain a professional appearance with well-placed and designed watermarks that do not obstruct the main image.


Automated Processes: The automation features of the plugin facilitate a smooth workflow, reducing the manual effort required in watermarking images.
Ease of Use: The plugin offers a user-friendly interface with easy configuration options, making the process of watermarking simple and efficient.

The “WP Watermark Images” plugin appears to be a robust tool for securing and branding your images. Its comprehensive feature set offers both protection and customization, ensuring that your images are not only secure but also aligned with your brand image. The plugin’s automation and bulk application features make it a versatile tool for businesses looking to secure their images while maintaining a professional appearance. It seems to be a valuable addition to any WordPress site, providing a comprehensive solution for image protection and branding.

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