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Key Features
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  • Variation Restrictions
  • User Role Restrictions
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WC Min Max Quantities Pro: Optimize Your WooCommerce Store

Master Your Sales with Smart Quantity Control

Elevate your WooCommerce shopping experience by precisely determining how many or how little of each product your customers can purchase. This strategic approach ensures you never face stock shortages or overstock issues.

Tailor Your Sales Strategy with Quantity Limits

Harness the power of strategic sales by setting clear boundaries on product quantities. Whether you’re promoting bulk orders or preserving stock of exclusive items, our tool ensures you’re always in control.

Product Quantity Management

Define the least and most units of a product for every purchase.
Set optimal price brackets for each product, ensuring profitability.
Streamlined Order Regulations

Control the total products in a single order, catering to both wholesale and retail strategies.
Implement a price range for overall orders, guiding customers towards desired spending patterns.
Category-Specific Rules

Customize buying limits for specific product categories, offering promotions or preserving exclusivity.
Designate price corridors for category-based products, optimizing revenue streams.
Variation Product Guidelines

For diverse product options, determine quantity limits, catering to niche markets.
Establish price boundaries for these variable products, ensuring each variant is competitively priced.
User-Centric Regulations

Customize buying patterns for different user roles, offering loyalty benefits or member-exclusive rates.
Design price frameworks tailored to user types, from guests to premium members.
Additional SEO-Optimized Features

For select products, easily bypass quantity rules, offering flexibility during promotions.
Display intuitive customer messages, enhancing user experience and reducing cart abandonment.
Our rule hierarchy ensures seamless integration: Product Variations > Individual Products > Product Categories > Global Store Rules.
Perfectly compatible with multi-vendor platforms, our tool is designed for modern WooCommerce stores aiming for growth and customer satisfaction.

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