WCFM Marketplace review

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Key Features
  • Coupon Management
  • Product Import and Export
  • Membership Subscription
  • Invoice and Shipping Label
  • Geo Location
  • Customizable Commission
  • Mobile App
  • Frontend Manager
  • Blogging for Vendors
  • Verification System
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WCFM Marketplace Plugin Overview

The WCFM Marketplace plugin by WC Lovers is a comprehensive solution for those looking to establish a multi-vendor marketplace with WooCommerce. It stands out with its mobile app feature for vendors, offering a range of functionalities that bring ease of management and a high degree of customization. Let’s delve into the details of its features and the benefits it offers to both marketplace owners and vendors.


Key Features

Frontend Manager for Vendors: The plugin offers a robust frontend manager equipped with all necessary functionalities, providing vendors with a platform to manage their stores efficiently.
Vendor Mobile App: A standout feature is the mobile app it provides for vendors, allowing them to manage their stores remotely with a range of customization options at their fingertips.
Flexible Shipping Management: Vendors have the flexibility to manage shipping with various tracking options, including setting rates based on different parameters such as zone, country, distance, and weight.
Customizable Commission System: The admin can set up a commission system that is customizable to a great extent, with options to set fixed, percent, vendor-wise, product-wise, or membership-based commissions.
Live Shipment Status Updates: The plugin facilitates live updates on shipment status, keeping both vendors and customers informed about the shipping progress.
Simple Financial Transactions: It offers simple systems for refunds, withdrawals, and reverse withdrawals, streamlining the financial transactions in the marketplace.



Mobile App Support: The provision of a mobile app for vendors is a significant advantage, bringing a high degree of flexibility and remote management capabilities.
Support Ticket System: It includes a support ticket system, ensuring smooth communication and prompt resolution of issues.
Live Chat Module: The live chat module facilitates real-time communication between vendors and customers, enhancing the customer service experience.
Blogging Opportunity for Vendors: Vendors have the opportunity to engage with their audience through blogs, a feature that can significantly enhance their brand presence.
Single Product Multi-Vendor: The plugin supports a single product being offered by multiple vendors, encouraging competitive pricing and a wider range of options for customers.
Seller Verification System: It includes a seller verification system, ensuring that only verified sellers can operate in the marketplace, thereby maintaining trust and credibility.


The WCFM Marketplace plugin emerges as a highly flexible and feature-rich solution for setting up a multi-vendor marketplace with WooCommerce. Its mobile app for vendors, coupled with features like flexible shipping management and a customizable commission system, makes it a favorable choice for marketplace owners seeking control and customization. Whether it is the ease of financial transactions or the enhanced communication through live chat and support ticket systems, the plugin promises a smooth and efficient marketplace management experience, catering to both vendors and customers effectively.

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